PC DOCS/Fulcrum announced DOCSSite, a Web publishing solution for PC DOCS/Fulcrum customers. DOCSSite provides non- technical users with the ability to automate the creation of linked HTML publications from any source document from any application, without any manual coding. Consistent, uniformly formatted, fully linked Web pages can quickly be produced and published on intranets and the Internet for immediate access by other users. DOCSSite generates industry standard HTML from such disparate sources as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, WordPerfect and popular CAD applications, creating a uniform site appearance. Linking the various documents together, DOCSSite automatically creates navigation controls and ensures the resulting content conforms to the appropriate corporate image. DOCSSite is built on PC DOCS/Fulcrum’s existing DOCS Binder XML- based compound document solution, which provides users with the ability to manage complex, multi-format documents as a single XML file within the document repository. DOCSSite will be available from PC DOCS/Fulcrum and select partners in June, 1999. www.pcdocs.com