Lutris Technologies has unveiled Enhydra, a new Java/XML application server and development framework for building dynamic, adaptable multi-tier Internet applications. Enhydra is designed for companies ranging from midsize to the Global 2000. With Enhydra. Many parts of the Internet are built on the Open Source foundations built by pioneers such as Linux, Apache, PERL, Tcl/Tk, and even Netscape’s browser. Enhydra is written entirely in Java and supports all tools and infrastructure necessary for multi-tier Internet application development and deployment. Enhydra enables users to take advantage of the emerging Internet business model with the ability to dynamically process information from multiple sources. Enhydra and its source code can be used by anyone for any purpose at no charge. This presents a much more flexible and affordable solution than commercial application servers which start at around $10,000 and can reach $100,000 in Internet deployments. In addition, users can take full advantage of the combined power of hundreds of developers and testers, a capability that exceeds the teams working on even the largest commercial products. Enhydra is the first and only Open Source application server to feature XML based technology to simplify the interactive relationship of graphic designers and Java developers during the development of dynamic HTML presentations. Enhydra technology supports any potential server platform including Unix, Linux, Windows and NT, as well as industry-dominant Web servers including Apache, Netscape Enterprise Server and Microsoft IIS. The only platform requirement is the presence of an installed JVM for Java 1.1.6 or higher. Enhydra is available immediately under FreeBSD-style licensing, and may be downloaded today from On-line demonstrations and FAQs are provided for quick evaluation.