Lotus Development Corp. announced that it has acquired ONEStone Holding, Inc. and its workflow software technologies to enhance the ability of Lotus’ customers to develop productivity-boosting workflow applications. Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed. ONEStone’s primary product is PROZESSWARE, a workflow management system that provides businesses with the means to change from paper-based processes to electronically controlled workflow. PROZESSWARE consists of three components: PROZESS Designer, a visual development tool for defining, modeling and creating automated, controlled workflows; PROZESS Engine, the runtime component that activates, runs, and controls processes defined by the Designer; and PROZESS Viewer, a visual tool for end users that shows the current status or context of their work. ONEStone has offices in Paderborn, Germany, where all research and development takes place, and in Boston, MA, Great Britain, and the Netherlands. ONEStone customers include a broad array of Fortune 1000 corporations in the banking, insurance, manufacturing, telecommunications, government, and healthcare industries. www.lotus.com