CSI USA Inc., an international supplier of secure document exchange software and services, announced today that it will release several new products. These products make the Internet secure for the exchange of business-critical documents and data. CSI debuts BDX, Business Document Exchange Service, a subscription service for the secure exchange of business-critical documents and data over the Internet. The only requirements are an Internet connection and a Java enabled PC or workstation. The BDX service presently has the capacity for thousands of users and is readily scalable to meet any future demands. CSI also introduces the latest version of its Business Document Exchange enterprise server software, BDE 2.01. BDE is portable (100% Java), scalable, and based on open system services including FTP, SQL, MIME and SMIME protocols. BDE and BDX are licensed on a per-user basis, and not based on data volume or throughput, a distinct advantage over private networks. This latest release of BDE features a new graphical interface and an enhanced command API, optimized encryption and database protocols (including support for Oracle, Sybase, Informix, and MS-SQL), and many other enhancements to the server, client, and remote administration components. CSI also announces BDC, Business Document Conversion, a new product designed specifically for the secure exchange of EDI data over the Internet. File formats and data conversion mappings are expressed in BDC-X, CSI’s proprietary XML-based language, which enables professionals and consultants, not just programmers, to write data conversion maps. www.csiusa.net