Miva Corporation, a provider of Web commerce software, today introduced Miva Empresa v3.6, an application engine designed for Web hosting companies, ISPs and enterprises to enable users on their servers with Miva Script, the XML-based scripting language used by more than 25,000 developers. Individual users on a Miva-enabled Web server can utilize Miva Script to create and deploy e-commerce and data-driven Web sites. The new Miva Empresa v3.6 edition includes full CyberCash, CyberSource, and PaymentNet support using the MvCOMMERCE tag which can be embedded in a Web page to automate robust payment processing. Miva Script is accessed through an application engine, included with Miva Empresa, which plugs into virtually any Unix or Windows Web server. Once the engine has been plugged into a Web server, files with certain extensions are automatically parsed and deployed by the engine. Web hosting companies and ISPs can use the execution environment to configure their systems on a global, per domain and per user basis for virtual domain setup, multiple user configuration, sandboxed execution and performance tuning. Enterprises can utilize Miva Empresa v3.6 to create and deploy commerce applications, data-driven Web sites and corporate Intranet applications such as a company store for requesting supplies. www.miva.com