BackWeb Technologies, announced an OEM license agreement with i7 Business Solutions that enables i7 to integrate its component-based Internet application INTELLIinformation with BackWeb’s Internet communications platform. This integration enables the delivery of time-sensitive, business-critical information from internal or external sources to targeted end-users within a single application interface. The INTELLIinformation Solution package, with BackWeb’s Internet communications platform, provides a document management and delivery process for consulting companies and systems integrators. BackWeb’s Flash technology will be used to deliver time-sensitive, project-critical information to the desktop of the user. The Flashes can contain any type of file or media, and are automatically delivered to a consultant or systems integrator’s desktop, regardless of the application in use. The notifications can be set for minimum, medium or maximum priority depending on the urgency of the message. In addition to the INTELLIinformation Solution package, i7 Business Solutions and BackWeb Technologies are currently working with several insurance companies in Europe to create an application designed specifically for the insurance industry.,