QuickStream Software, Inc. announced three new interfaces to its Java-based DocCentral document management system. The QuickStream Developers Kit (QDK), Open Document Management API (ODMA) and HTML Interface are available for beta testing with a scheduled commercial release in March. Providing a base for the other interfaces, the QDK allows the creation of custom functions on top of the DocCentral application. The QDK is a set of simple Java functions that can be integrated into Java applications and Java applets. Developers can use the QDK to create customized features and incorporate them into DocCentral. Individually, the DocCentral server software is $2,950.00, the Java-based Director client is $495.00 and the HTML-based Associate client is $49.95. The small work group twenty-five user bundle includes Java server software, four Director clients and twenty-one Associate clients for $4,995.00. The large work group fifty user bundle is $8,995.00 and includes Java server software, ten Director clients and forty Associate clients. QuickStream also offers a “Get Started” bundle that can be downloaded from its website at www.quickstream.com