Entrust Technologies Inc., supplier of managed public-key infrastructure (PKI) solutions, has partnered with Doumentum, Inc., to authenticate web access and to deliver integration of digital signatures using X.509 certificates into Doucumentum’s EDMS 98. This integration provides security to the pharmaceutical industry and other process manufacturing companies for the management of documents, policies and procedures. The two companies also plan to work together to integrate Entrust/PKI features with industry-specific applications built upon Documentum’s EDMS ’98.The joint solution leverages Doucumentum’s EDMS and Entrust public-key infrastructure technology to solve some of the business problems facing process manufacturing: streamlining document approvals, managing records and reports for good manufacturing practice compliance, and improving the exchange of information between departments and organizations. This solution ensures that only those who are authorized to see and change the files are allowed access to the document. www.documentum.com, www.entrust.com