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Globalization Business Drivers

The recording from our December 13th webinar, “How Sun takes Brands and Solutions to the Global Marketplace” is now available here.
Many thanks to Kristen Harris, .Sun Content Management Engineering Manager, for an excellent discussion of Sun Microsystems’ Starlight Platform for content and translation management. The companion case study is available here.
Our informal poll during the webinar on the most significant business drivers for providing localized content to customers yielded some interesting results:

Brand management and presence in emerging markets (examples given were India and China) were primary drivers for the audience. It’s not surprising to see emerging markets in the number 2 position since the U.S. market is essentially saturated for many industries. It’s also validating to note brand management in the number 1 position. Much of our webinar discussion focused the value of content within the global customer experience. Clearly, that’s not a “foreign concept” for companies focused on improving multinational revenue profiles. The significance of consistent and contextual content was front and center for this audience, as it should be.

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Call for Papers Deadline: San Francisco & Washington DC

A quick reminder to mark your calendar, and to submit your speaking proposals before the upcoming deadlines:
Gilbane San Francisco
April 10-12, 2007, Palace Hotel
Call for Papers Deadline: January 3rd, 2007
Gilbane Washington DC
June 5-7, 2007, Reagan Building
Call for Papers Deadline: January 15th, 2007

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Traction Offers Integrated FAST InStream Search Technology

Traction Software announced the general availability of its Traction TeamPage FAST Search Module. The Module is an integrated option, based on Fast Search & Transfer’s FAST InStream OEM search technology solution. The Module is priced at USD $15K per Traction TeamPage Server. By embedding FAST InStream, TeamPage: Extends the TeamPage standard search capability by adding permission-filtered search across over 370 formats of documents attached to Traction TeamPage blog posts or stored in TeamPage web folders; Adds linguistic analysis to automatically extract and rank relevant key words and entities. Entities include company names, person names, locations, and e-mail addresses; Provides interactive drill-down navigation, including AND and OR selection, enabling users to quickly understand their search set and narrow ten’s or hundred’s of thousands of results down to just a few that are highly relevant using keywords, entities, and metadata attributes; Adds a “Find Similar” choice to posts, comments and search results to make it simple to find other relevant content; Adds automatically calculated Rank order to Newest First and Oldest First sort options. Rank order is determined by automatic linguistic and link analysis, and; Adds search by content types including posts, pages, comments, emails and files.

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Canto Announces BrandAssistant DAM for QuarkXPress

Canto Software announced the immediate availability of BrandAssistant, offering professional digital asset management from within QuarkXPress 7. Designed for Brand Managers, who need absolute control over the assets they manage, BrandAssistant is meant to reduce production and approval delays, decrease time to market and increase asset security and distribution control. In addition to finding cataloged files and composition zones (and using drag & drop to place them in layouts), BrandAssistant enables layout artists to catalog new layouts, autocatalog assets used in those layouts, and even mark files ready for review, without leaving the QuarkXPress environment. The complete text used in layouts can be cataloged as searchable metadata, making it easier to find files based on their content. The asset-relations tracking technology first introduced with Cumulus 7 is included, enabling users to find assets based on their relationships with other assets: contains/is contained in, references/is referenced by, and more. PDF variants of layouts can be created automatically by BrandAssistant, making the review process easy for those without access to QuarkXPress. BrandAssistant is based upon a full version of Cumulus 7 Workgroup, offering complete, version-controlled digital asset management, even for projects outside the QuarkXPress workflow. All file formats are supported, and Cumulus offers enhanced metadata support for the most popular file formats, including PDF, Microsoft Office, Photoshop, Illustrator, TIF and many more. From within QuarkXPress 7, users can access and place any file format supported by QuarkXPress, including text, images and composition zones. Outside QuarkXPress 7, users can access asset libraries using the Cumulus Native Client included for Mac OS X and Windows. BrandAssistant can be purchased from authorized Canto resellers at an introductory cost of EUR/USD 5,995 until 1/31/07, and afterwards at EUR/USD 6,795 for a 3-user license. (BrandAssistants Web access for clients ties up no user licenses.) Each system comes with a years worth of Software Maintenance, offering free updates and expert technical support. The BrandAssistant Server is available for Mac OS X (Universal Binary) or Windows (2000, 2003, XP). Cumulus Client software is available for Mac OS X, Windows and the Web.

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Webinar Reminder

Join The Gilbane Group, SDL International and Interwoven to learn how Sun Microsystems used a global information management solution to deliver product information, support services, and information in many languages to deliver an enhanced customer experience.
Date: 13th December, 2006
Time: 8:30 Pacific, 11:30 Eastern, 16:30 GMT, 17:30 Central Europe
Duration: 1 hour
Register here.

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New Case Study and White Paper published

With so much of our news focused on the Boston conference the last couple of weeks, you might have missed the publication of a new case study and a new white paper. Both are by Senior Analyst Leonor Ciarlone, and as usual, both are free. The case study is “The Global Customer Experience: Sun Microsystems’ Vision for the Participation Age”, and is the topic of today’s webinar. The white paper is “Eliminating the Fear Factor: Creating a Culture of Compliance“, and a recording of the webinar covering this is available here.

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Multilingual terminology

It has been interesting to note that even inside the US, more and more languages start appearing in various services. Spanish is the obvious example, but at the Gilbane Boston conference we heard that e.g. a New England healthcare provider needs to think about providing information in Vietnamese and in Russian. The old saying “You can always buy in your own language, but you must sell in your customer’s language” still holds true.
Although English has become the universal second language, people still feel more comfortable dealing in their own native language. Maybe the next generation will be different (although I guess that has always been the expectation of the previous generation) and will communicate mainly with smileys – but I believe that languages will not go away.
One could assume that in the European Union with its plethora of official languages there would be a lot of language tools available. Well, there is e.g. Eurodicautom at, a multilingual and searchable term bank which includes about 5.5 million entries in 48 subject fields. It continues to be available, but it is currently not updated, as it is being moved into a new database – and the latest news about it are from 2003. So one can only hope that the migration will be completed soon and the updating can continue, as new words appear in languages continuously. Just think about “truthiness”, which was chosen as Merriam-Webster’s word of the year in 2006.
There are several other multilingual general and industry-specific dictionaries available in the web, such as the European multilingual environmental glossary at Another example is the Microsoft multilingual terminology at Googling e.g. with “multilingual glossaries” or “multilingual dictionaries” brings a lot of hits to various resources.
The thing is, multilingual content management and multilingual searches start from good multilingual terminology. There will be a lot of work needed in that area, both in general and in industry- or even in company-specific dictionaries. I will follow up on this topic later.

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Liferay Unveils Liferay Portal 4.2

Liferay announced the release of Liferay Portal 4.2. The latest version offers added back-end enhancements to workflow and content management via integration with ServiceMix JBI, jBPM workflow engine, and Alfresco, as well as new features such as chat and other user-interface enhancements to improve end-user experience and collaboration. New upgrades in Version 4.2 include integration with the ServiceMix JBI (Java Business Integration) engine, which acts as a single point of connection for disparate enterprise applications. ServiceMix simplifies the integration, upgrade and substitution of siloed applications such as CRM, ERP, and ECM, reducing development time and lowering maintenance costs. Other new features of Liferay Portal 4.2 include: jBPM workflow engine allows developers to quickly change application workflow to reflect evolving business processes; Liferay Chat a secure, portal-based instant messaging solution with an intuitive AJAX/Web 2.0 interface; Alfresco integration allows users to manage enterprise content directly through the Liferay Portal environment; A new parallel portlet rendering engine reduces end-user wait time by allowing portlets to load independently. Liferay Portal, available at no cost under the MIT license, supports all major middleware and database platforms including JBoss JEMS, BEA Platform, WebSphere, Tomcat, Oracle, mySQL and SQLServer. It also complies with major standards such as JSR-168 and JSR-170. Version 4.2 is available in both current editions of Liferay PortalLiferay Portal Professional, the standard product; and Liferay Portal Enterprise, which includes all Professional features plus the ability to cluster portlet transactions across multiple servers. The product is available for immediate download in both editions at

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IBM and Yahoo! Unveil Free Enterprise Search Software

IBM (NYSE: IBM) and Yahoo! Inc. (NASDAQ: YHOO) introduced new, free enterprise search software with Web search services powered by Yahoo! that enables departments and businesses of all sizes to find, access and capitalize on information stored within organizations and across the Web. IBM OmniFind Yahoo! Edition is a no-cost, entry level enterprise search product developed to help eliminate financial and technology barriers to intranet and Web search. The new offering from IBM with Web search services powered by Yahoo! can be downloaded for free and is simple to install and use with existing hardware. The offering supports up to 500,000 documents per server, more than 200 file types and documents in more than 30 languages. It features a three-click installation process and takes customers only minutes to go from download to live search and information access. IBM OmniFind Yahoo! Edition also uses the open source Lucene indexing library to provide cross-platform full text indexing. IBM OmniFind Yahoo! Edition offers automatic spell correction, support for synonyms and shortcuts, wildcard support to substitute for unknown characters, query reporting, and graphical user interface customization. In addition, it is fully integrated with Yahoo! Search, providing one-click access to send queries to Yahoo! web, image, video, audio, directory, local and news search services. The new software complements IBM’s existing OmniFind search and content discovery software. It provides a no-cost entry point for clients who want to get started with basic search but might have future needs for advanced secured search, or capabilities beyond traditional search such as business analytics, quality insight reporting, e-commerce or customer service self-help, or who want to leverage their unstructured information more broadly as a service throughout the enterprise. Worldwide, enterprise-class phone support (for a fee) is available from IBM. IBM OmniFind Yahoo! Edition is available at no charge and can be downloaded at

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ClearStory Systems Announces ActiveMedia PowerDeck

ClearStory Systems, Inc. announces the availability of ActiveMedia PowerDeck, a presentation management solution designed to manage the effectiveness, compliance and brand consistency of Microsoft PowerPoint presentations. By providing access to a centralized library of approved presentation content, PowerDeck gives individual users or cross-departmental teams the ability to share ideas, eliminate redundancy and ensure messaging accuracy. By applying specific rules-based policies, companies gain more value from their business communications and the assurance that messaging and branding remain consistent. When graphics or templates need to be changed, all presentations sharing common content can be automatically updated with PowerDeck. Tracking mechanisms and usage reports provide information on delivery and use of presentations. PowerDeck also provides easy portability by offering users the ability to email presentations as web links, instead of distributing hefty files across networks and the Internet. PowerDeck integrated with ActiveMedia manages presentations as part of an enterprise-wide business communications solution that can draw from an organization’s entire repository of approved marketing graphics, photos and multi-media. Also offered as a hosted solution, PowerDeck provides a central repository of presentations with control mechanisms and centralized assembly, management and delivery.

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