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Most State Government interactions with their citizens are repeating in nature. Application for licenses, registration, services, or reporting taxes, revenue, and production details, citizens and businesses do these things on monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. Much of the information provided is generally static with only a few fields whose values may change during each period. We believe there is an opportunity for State Governments (certainly Texas, our home state but we expect pretty much all of them) to reduce the wasted time and effort of their citizens when requiring them to comply with local reporting requirements.

The following Intrepids represent only a small fraction of applications of repetitive data exchange between Texans and the Texas State government. An Intrepid overlay application SaveTimeTx reduces the effort required by citizens and businesses to file reports and transfer data to the State. 

Webfile – filing tax reports online. Only the revenue fields change in each report period.

Production Report – Oil and Gas production report in TX. Most fields are static.

Vehicle Registration – Annual registration at DMV. All fields are static.

In a loosely coupled State/Citizen ecosystem, Intrepid-based filings or applications will save citizens and businesses significant effort over a single year. An Intrepid mechanism such as SaveTimeTX (or equivalent) can significantly reduce friction between State/Citizen interactions.

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