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New Orleans Tourism Marketing’s Web Strategy

On Wednesday, May 6, 2009, at 1:00 p.m. (Eastern), the New Orleans Tourism Marketing Corp. (NOTMC), the Gilbane Group, and ISITE Design will host an online repeat of one of the most popular sessions from the 2008 Gilbane Conference in Boston. Join us to hear Nathan Williams, NOTMC’s Interactive Director, talk about their exhaustive search for the right WCM solution and the extensive user experience planning they undertook in the process. I (Tony White) will describe the process the Gilbane Group used to help NOTMC evaluate WCM products, and ISITE Design will highlight key ways in which they helped NOTMC plan a successful information architecture.

To register for this online event, click here.

Join the Gilbane WCM Practice at the CMS2009 Conference in The Netherlands

On May 19, I will be giving a keynote address on the Web Content Management market landscape at the CMS2009 Conference in Nijmegen, Holland (  In the presentation, I will discuss recent trends in client demands for WCM products as well as strategic directions that vendors will take over the next year.  On May 20, I will also lead an interactive two-hour workshop on estimating the total cost of ownership of WCM products over a five-year period (see “Workshop Tony White” in the sidebar of  And for you English speakers, don’t worry about the language.  Even though the CMS2009 website is in Dutch, the presentations will be in English.

“Who Are Vignette’s Products Really Best Suited For?”

An attendee at an industry conference recently asked me, “Who are Vignette’s products really best suited for?” While the full answer to this broad question would require a consulting engagement to deliver, the short version is “medium-sized and large enterprises that have needs for a unified WCM, collaboration, and portal solution.” While each of these Vignette applications is fully functional on its own, the real value proposition of Vignette’s products stems from the synergies of tightly integrating all three modules. In support of this statement, one client several months ago bluntly stated that for the kind of static Web publishing it had in mind, the Vignette Content Management product was “too complicated and too expensive.” I agreed. But for larger enterprises with collaborative intranets, extranets, or public-facing internet sites – especially those with demanding requirements for dynamic content and personalization – less sophisticated Web publishing solutions would certainly fail, regardless of price.

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