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Day: June 17, 2024

Netlify announces Adobe Experience Manager headless integration

Netlify, a platform for modern web development, announced a new Adobe Experience Manager integration to ease the transition from legacy web architecture to composable architecture. Now, AEM users will be able to leverage Netlify headless CMS to accelerate business goals, streamline workflows, and reduce the number of touchpoints needed across multi-channel projects.

The AEM integration built by Netlify partner VShift benefits business level decision-makers, developers, marketers, and customers throughout the migration process. The new tool will:

  • Deliver improved speed to market by facilitating publishing pages and content quickly and efficiently
  • Connect to composable tools to improve workflows
  • Ensure improved personalization capacity in components and branding
  • Enable a seamless integration of omnichannel touchpoints

In addition to the AEM Integration, Netlify and its partner ecosystem offer several accelerators to ease the transition from monolithic to composable architecture:

GEAR Accelerator by Valtech is tailored for the manufacturing industry focusing on aftermarket commerce via customer portals.

XCentium’s Composable Accelerator offers customizable solutions for the financial services industry with multi-language support and technology integration.

CAFE Accelerator by Apply Digital helps enterprises accelerate project timelines with a flexible suite of tools and integrations. Ideal for rapid proofs of concept and solution-led projects.

Adobe updates Acrobat with GenAI and chat across document types

Adobe announced Acrobat customers can now create and edit images in PDFs using text prompts, powered by Adobe Firefly, along with new features in Acrobat AI Assistant integrated into Reader and Acrobat workflows that allow customers to ask questions, get insights, and create content from information across groups of PDFs as well as other document types.

The new Acrobat features enable customers to easily enhance existing images and generate new images in their PDFs with generative AI without leaving the app. Features include: 

  • Edit Image in Acrobat offers easy-to-use tools like the Firefly-powered Generative Fill, Remove Background, Erase and Crop to add, remove and revitalize content in document images in a snap. From erasing unwanted objects to removing backgrounds or adding new images, customers have full, easy control over the visuals in their PDFs.
  • With Generate Image in Acrobat, customers can add new images to their PDFs, powered by Adobe’s Firefly Image 3 Model. Customers can quickly adjust the size and style and add images to any part of a document.

Adobe is offering free, full access to all Acrobat AI Assistant features June 18 – June 28. Early access pricing for the AI Assistant add-on subscription starts at US$4.99 per month.

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