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Day: June 4, 2024

Snowflake announces enhancements to Snowflake Cortex AI, Snowflake ML, and more

Snowflake announced new innovations and enhancements to Snowflake Cortex AI to unlock the next wave of enterprise AI for customers to create AI-powered applications. This includes new chat experiences, which help organizations develop chatbots so they can talk directly to their enterprise data and get the answers they need faster. In addition, Snowflake is democratizing how any user can customize AI for specific industry use cases through a new no-code interactive interface, access to large language models (LLMs), and serverless fine-tunings. Snowflake is also accelerating the path for operationalizing models with an integrated experience for machine learning (ML) through Snowflake ML, enabling developers to build, discover, and govern models and features across the ML lifecycle. Snowflake’s unified platform for generative AI and ML allows every part of the business to extract value from their data.

Snowflake is unveiling two new chat capabilities, Snowflake Cortex Analyst and Snowflake Cortex Search, allowing users to develop these chatbots in a matter of minutes against structured and unstructured data, without operational complexity. Cortex Analyst, built with Meta’s Llama 3 and Mistral Large models, allows businesses to build applications on top of their analytical data in Snowflake. Other announced enhancements include Snowflake Copilot, Cortex Guard, Document AI, and Hybrid Tables.

Databricks to acquire Tabular

Databricks, a Data and AI company, announced it has agreed to acquire Tabular, a data management company founded by Ryan Blue, Daniel Weeks, and Jason Reid. By bringing together the original creators of Apache Iceberg and Linux Foundation Delta Lake, the two leading open source lakehouse formats, organizations are no longer limited by which of these formats their data is in. Databricks intends to work closely with the Delta Lake and Iceberg communities to bring format compatibility to the lakehouse; in the short term, inside Delta Lake UniForm and in the long term, by evolving toward a single, open, and common standard of interoperability. Databricks and Tabular will work together towards a joint vision of the open lakehouse.

Databricks will work with the Delta Lake and Iceberg communities to bring data interoperability to the formats over time. This is a long journey, one that will likely take several years to achieve in those communities. That is why last year, Databricks introduced Delta Lake UniForm. UniForm tables provide interoperability across Delta Lake, Iceberg, and Hudi, and support the Iceberg restful catalog interface so companies can use the analytics engines and tools they are already familiar with.

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