This week we feature articles from Sunila Gollapudi, and Leontien Talboom & Chris Knowles.

Additional reading comes from Heather Hedden, Cassie Kozyrkov, and Jim Clyde Monge.

News comes from Elastic, DataStax, Flatfile, and Foxit & Straker Translations.

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Opinion / Analysis

Combine text embeddings and knowledge (graph) embeddings in RAG systems

Sunila Gollapudi provides a good introduction and how-to suitable for technical and not so technical readers.

“In this article, I am excited to present my experiments combining Text Embeddings and Knowledge (Graph) Embeddings and observations on RAG performance. I will start by explaining the concept of Text and Knowledge Embeddings independently, using simple open frameworks, then, we will see how to use both in RAG applications.” (15 min)

Raw flux streams and obscure formats: Further work around imaging 5.25-inch floppy disks

I’m sure the subject has some of you shaking your heads for any number of reasons. But for those connected with digital preservation efforts, this case-study/lessons-learned piece from Leontien Talboom & Chris Knowles at Cambridge University could be very helpful. Some of the comments may also be useful. The just-curious may be shocked at the complexity involved. (8 min)

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Content technology news

DataStax launches new Hyper-Converged Data Platform

Brings OpenSearch and Apache Pulsar to HCD Platform; DataStax Enterprise 6.9 enables self-managed data workloads for GenAI.

Architecture optimized for real-time, low-latency applications including search, retrieval augmented generation (RAG), observability & security.

Flatfile unveils new AI-powered data transformation features

Data transformation and data migration capabilities for business users, data analysts, systems integration teams, and enterprise developers.

Foxit partners with Straker Translations

The collaboration adds translation capabilities to Foxit’s eSignature services, enabling users to translate and sign documents in multiple languages. ■

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