This week we feature articles from Cobus Greyling, and Julia Cohen, Ana Iglesias-Molina, Kian Ahrabian, Filip Ilievski, Jay Pujara & Oscar Corcho.

Additional reading comes from Michael Parekh, Caroline Mimbs Nyce, and Ethan Zuckerman.

News comes from DataStax, Cloudera & Pinecone, SnapLogic & Acolad, and Fivetran.

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Opinion / Analysis

What is happening to OpenAI’s playground?

“Creating solutions with longevity which are based on LLMs and Generative AI will demand exceptional UX, a solid layer of IP which creates differentiation” and “Users do not care about the underlying technology, they are looking for exceptional experiences.” 

Greyling provides a useful update on what OpenAI is doing to make sure they don’t miss out on the value of direct UX control. (6 min)

Comparison of knowledge graph representations

In addition to RDF, knowledge graphs can be represented using 
alternative models such as property graphs, the Wikidata model, and RDF-star, which may more useful for certain use-cases. When might they be advantageous? This paper looks at the fitness of popular knowledge graph representations for three consumer scenarios: knowledge exploration, systematic querying, and graph completion. 

(3 min intro):

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Content technology news

DataStax launches RAGStack

RAGStack, is a retrieval augmented generation solution to simplify RAG implementations for enterprises building generative AI applications.

Cloudera and Pinecone announce strategic partnership

With the combination of Pinecone vector database and semantic search customers can improve and accelerate generative AI use cases. ■

SnapLogic and Acolad partner to provide generative AI translation solutions

Pre-built integration connectors for instant document translation allows SnapLogic users to add Acolad’s translations to integration pipelines. ■

Fivetran unveils new SDKs for connectors and destinations

Enables third-party vendors to build integrations on Fivetran’s infrastructure for extensive compatibility with data sources and integrations.

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