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Day: June 2, 2023

SearchStax launches SearchStax for Good

SearchStax, a cloud search platform enabling web teams to deliver search in an easy and cost-effective way, announced the launch of a new program, SearchStax for Good, that provides web and mobile development teams a frictionless way to simplify the management of Apache Solr workloads in the cloud.

SearchStax for Good is designed specifically for non-profits to help eliminate both the infrastructure management problem, as well as to remove the high barrier to entry from a budgetary perspective. By offering an extended no-cost period of full-featured service, SearchStax for Good enables qualifying non-profits a way to get search infrastructure up and running immediately, without having to figure out how to re-allocate budget, or needing to first get budget approval.

Upon the initial launch of SearchStax for Good at DrupalCon Pittsburgh 2023, SearchStax for Good will offer non-profit organizations 6 months free of SearchStax Cloud Serverless, a solution that delivers fast, scalable, and cost-effective Solr, thereby giving web and product teams the ability to build quickly and scale automatically while optimizing resource utilization. After the initial six-month period ends, participating organizations can continue using the service at a 40% discounted rate.

Optimizely expands partnership with Contentsquare

Optimizely, a digital experience platform (DXP) provider, announced it has expanded its partnership with digital experience analytics platform Contentsquare to enhance its experimentation capabilities with comprehensive journey analytics. Zone-Based Heatmaps from Contentsquare is a part of a two-way integration that provides Optimizely Web Experimentation users with insights on customers’ in-page behavior, a deeper understanding of the reasons behind experiments’ performance, and a pathway toward optimized digital experiences.

Available as a Chrome Extension, Zone-Based Heatmaps allows marketing teams to access a holistic view of customer behavior needed to establish always-on optimization that fuels personalization. Zone-Based Heatmaps enables marketing teams to glean and quickly act on unique engagement, conversion, and revenue data for each of its website page elements. Paired with Optimizely, marketers can perform deeper evaluations of ongoing and completed experiments and uncover new, revenue-driving experiments to run.

In addition to Optimizely and Contentsquare customers, this news could help users of Google Optimize who will need an experimentation offering when the platform sunsets on September 30, 2023.

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