This week we feature articles from Minqi Jiang, and Scott Brinker.

Additional reading comes from David Weinberger, Mike Masnick, David Pierce, and Kevin Schaul, Szu Yu Chen & Nitasha Tiku.

News comes from Weaviate, Xyleme, Bloomreach, and Replica Analytics.

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Opinion / Analysis

Software²: A new generation of AIs that become increasingly general by producing their own training data

“… exploration, as typically studied in reinforcement learning (RL) and supervised learning (SL)—where it appears as some variation of active learning—is primarily designed with a static, predefined dataset or simulator in mind … unsuitable for learning in open-ended domains like the real world, where the set of relevant tasks is unbounded and cannot be modeled as a static, predefined data generator.”

Minqi Jiang and colleagues look ahead to continuous, open-ended, generalized exploration, to get beyond this limitation. (14min)

Exploring the 2nd order effects of generative AI in marketing and martech

Scott Brinker is also looking ahead to what’s coming, beyond the immediately obvious, for marketing technology. (10 min)

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Content technology news

Xyleme adds Elevate module to CCMS/LCMS platform

The new product adds dashboard analytics, APIs, and rich integration capabilities to the existing component content management system (CCMS)

Weaviate raises $50 million for vector database

The vector database technology addresses the problem of generating, storing, and searching embedding vectors and their corresponding objects.

Bloomreach integrates ChatGPT with CMS

The ChatGPT Text Generator with Bloomreach Content CMS is designed to support the creation and integration of text into e-commerce web pages.

Replica Analytics unveils Replica Synthesis 3.0

The latest version of trusted synthetic data generation software comes with a new intuitive user interface.

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