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The Support/Receipt Intrepid enables a useful application for businesses. When businesses provide their customers a Support/Receipt Intrepid ( for every transaction, they ensure that their customers, when seeking support/service, will always be able to authenticate themselves to automated systems. By presenting a precise and accurate record of all elements of the transaction, in all but the most complex support cases, software-based systems can respond to customer requests in an automated asynchronous fashion. Which reduces support costs tremendously.

Intrepids-based support enhances customer experience. No longer do they need to locate product / service identifiers (product/model numbers, paper/email receipts, warranty information), no longer do they need to be switched from call center to call center, no longer do they need to navigate complex websites to find support for their one need; they simply need to upload their Receipt Intrepid to NoCallSupport (or an equivalent site), create a support request from dropdown support menu options and submit it. They are no longer tethered to a business’ support call centers or websites to get their work done. They can go about their day with the assurance that their data/request has been received and when the request is completed, they will be notified by text or email.

Create a dummy Intrepid at Support/Receipt Intrepid page ( and visit NoCallSupport to see this new support paradigm in action. The NoCallSupport application is customizable and business specific, so it is a demonstration, not a final product. Our Support/Receipt Intrepid should work for many businesses; a specific Support/Receipt Intrepid focused on your business alone is easily created. The Support/Receipt Intrepid can be viewed by customers but cannot be modified, and so retains its integrity through its life. For new businesses or startups, Intrepid-based support enables a new support paradigm that minimizes support costs and establishes a framework for “no call, no web, no touch” automated software-based support for your company.

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*Disclosure: I am an advisor to the Intrepid team.