Couchbase, Inc. announced the availability of Couchbase Server 7. This release bridges the best aspects of relational databases like ACID transactions with the flexibility of a modern database.

Customers can execute business transactions within their customer-facing applications, develop customer 360 data models and applications, and execute plans to modernize relational-based applications to the cloud. Development teams can more easily make the transition from relational databases to Couchbase’s modern database without needing to re-train team members as the platform supports the programming languages they already use. Highlights: 

  • Eliminating of database sprawl by adding mature SQL transaction capabilities. Customers no longer need both a relational database and a NoSQL database. Couchbase now has multi-statement SQL transactions by fusing together transactions and high-volume interactions.
  • Enabling runtime updates with zero downtime through a dynamic data containment model. Couchbase Server 7 introduces schema and table-like organizing structures, called “scopes and collections,” within the schemaless database. With Couchbase Server 7 can customers add a table (the “collection”) in Couchbase, while transactions are happening without having to add or modify the schema (the “scope”) or take down the database for this upgrade.
  • Faster operational performance that lowers the total cost of ownership facilitated by collection-level processing of data access, partitioning and index isolation.