Kentico announced an update to their digital experience platform (DXP). When ASP.NET Core MVC became the cornerstone of Kentico Xperience 13, it came with major challenges. To prevent any breaking changes and lengthy adjustment periods in the future, they have remodeled release cycles. Refresh 1 is focused on expanding existing functionalities, to provide future technology for the developers, while benefiting both marketers and content creators.

  • With the integration of AI services provider, Recombee, as customers visit individual pages, their behavior will be evaluated, resulting in automatic suggestions of the most relevant content to be displayed for them in appropriate areas.
  • The integration with the Bynder Digital Asset Management system provides the option of working with media in structured content. Users can now select their images directly from Bynder DAM as an alternative to using Media Library or a direct upload.
  • When searching in Kentico Xperience, the new search index enables searching for all kinds of content using just one index. Both structured and non-structured content are included, which makes working with Azure easier for developers.
  • When developing a website, with .NET Core Debug developers can now check what is going on in the live site, what has possibly gone wrong, or what type of data is being sent there, and fix it more effectively.

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