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Day: September 1, 2020

Arria NLG introduces Arria for Excel

Arria NLG introduced Arria for Excel, a Microsoft Office add-in that brings natural language generation (NLG) functionality to users of Microsoft Excel. Arria for Excel gives you the ability to instantly narrate Excel spreadsheets and export directly to Word or PowerPoint, and adds natural-language summaries and report automation within the worksheet, turning volumes of data into narratives. Users can tailor narratives to specific audiences, providing contextual commentary and explanatory analyses like those created by subject matter experts. Arria augments existing Excel workflows with:

  • Consistency and accuracy. A next-generation report writer that dynamically automates data-driven financial summaries.
  • Timeliness of reporting. Financial reports can now be published quickly after the end of the reporting period.
  • Team sharing. Provides insightful information delivery across the enterprise.

Qumu app transforms Zoom into large-scale broadcasting platform for enterprises

Qumu released a new functionality extension for Zoom. Available at no charge as part of all existing Zoom corporate licensing plans, the app allows Qumu and Zoom enterprise clients to stream live events exceeding 100,000 attendees—with no loss of video quality and no negative effect on internal networks. The app is called Qumu Stream, Record and Manage, and is available now in the official Zoom Marketplace.

Qumu Stream, Record and Manage is designed specifically for organizations looking to deliver video events securely and at scale. Once the Qumu app is installed, streaming can either be initiated automatically or via a button click directly in the Zoom interface. The extension also supports global attendee bases, unlimited presenters and any browser-based end-user device—as well as virtual event management features like event registration, transcription, translation, user analytics, compliance tracking and attendee reporting.

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