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Day: June 22, 2020

VASS and Modyo partner for digital acceleration of customers in Europe and America

VASS and Modyo announced they have signed an alliance to promote digital acceleration to clients in Europe and America. Over the past several months, the two companies have been collaborating and investing with each other to accelerate the design and implementation of digital solutions on the Modyo platform. VASS will offer the Modyo platform to its clients as a hub for the implementation of portals, hybrid mobile solutions, content management, digital onboarding and private transactional customer portals, and other customized digital experiences. Modyo’s Digital Experience Platform, with a focus on integration to business systems, is designed to accelerate digital transformation initiatives. The two companies have successfully deployed their first large client engagement together in Latin America.,


SDL launches SLATE, a self-service, on-demand translation service

SDL announced the launch of SLATE – Smart Language Translation for the Enterprise – its new self-service platform that delivers a new experience in online translation. Professionals in any part of your business can with a few clicks, access secure, neural machine translation and optional expert human review, with transparent service levels, delivery times and simple pricing.

SLATE provides all parts of the business with access to SDL’s neural machine translation, covering dozens of languages including Chinese, Korean and Russian. SLATE enables you to upgrade the experience easily to human review or revision delivered by SDL’s network of over 17,000 expert translators – all within the same application. A monthly subscription based on typical document volumes means predictable spend and most content is processed instantly.  SLATE works with many different formats, from Microsoft Word documents and PDFs, to Adobe InDesign files, and subtitles for videos.

SLATE offers three levels of service starting with ‘Automatic,’ backed by SDL Machine Translation, which is sufficient for the majority of tasks, to the human optimized stages of ‘Review,’ focused on accuracy, and ‘Revision,’ that combines correcting for accuracy along with stylistic improvements, resulting in professionally edited output.,


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