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Day: March 19, 2019

Gilbane Advisor 3-19-19 — Federated ML, ephemeral messaging, search for humans

Google releases federated machine learningTensorFlow summit 2019

Federated learning is going to be a thing. Health care is just one example… “TensorFlow Federated will provide distributed machine learning for developers to train models across many mobile devices without data ever leaving those devices. Encryption provides an additional layer of privacy, and weights from models trained on mobile devices are shared with a central model for continuous learning.” Read More

A warning on the dangers of ephemeral messaging

The Information’s Sam Lessin is bullish about Facebook’s moving to full encryption, but thinks a reliance on ephemeral messaging is a big mistake. He makes a good case and the issues he raises need broader consideration. (Firewall – but you can get access by providing an email.) Read More

Search engines: a human perspective

Wise words on search applications from Daniel Tunkelang.

The foundation of human-computer information retrieval (HCIR) is that search engines help searchers who help themselves. The best search engines reward searchers’ incremental effort with a higher return on investment. … But searchers have been trained by simple search interfaces, and their laziness is compounded by a skepticism of anything that violates their expectations. In order to earn searcher effort, search engines have to provide simple, incremental, and effective steps that guide searchers — and that teach them through experience that the return justifies the additional effort. Read More

Facebook’s News Feed era is now officially over

It’s anyone’s guess where Facebook will end up after the strategic shift announced last week. The new direction impacts all parts of the company and raises questions about their business model, growth, and of course, organization. Read More

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How to transform your digital ecosystem successfully

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Enterprise digital transformations are not for the feint of heart. Technologies, practices, workflows, customer expectations, and market and business requirements are constantly evolving, and technical and operational integrations need to somehow keep up. That’s why case studies from experienced pros like this one are a critical part of your strategy due diligence. 

B101. Transforming your digital ecosystem successfully: why & how it is possible 

Can you build a digital ecosystem that enables your organization to delight its customers at every touchpoint, while delivering effective personalization and omni-channel engagement? Can you meet the needs of your customer’s journey across all channels to deliver her relevant content at any given point? For many, a successful customer experience relies on an affirmative answer to both questions. But the “transformation” required to support such efforts presents brands with seemingly insurmountable challenges. Where do you even begin? Our session helps you kick-start a digital transformation initiative by showing you how it can be done, even if you are starting with disparate systems, processes, and disconnected customer experiences. We show you an effective strategy and road map, including best practices in its execution. We offer you real-world examples of what has worked and led to a 400% increase in customer engagement—and what has not—and how you can succeed.

Monday, April 29: 10:30 a.m. – 11:15 a.m.

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Vijay Hanumolu
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