We’re pleased to announce that Gilbane Group has welcomed three new senior analysts and consultants:  Vince Emery, Karen Golden, and Sue Willard.

Vince, Karen, and Sue come to us with stellar credentials and the kind of “been-there-done-that” expertise that is a Gilbane competitive advantage as an analyst and consulting firm. Their bios have been posted on our consultants page.
With a background in global branding and multilingual content and web presence, Vince will be a key part of the team covering the intersection of our Content Globalization and Web Content Management Practices. He is based in San Francisco and strengthens Gilbane’s Bay Area presence.
Sue’s expertise in multilingual content, localization, and project management brings a new voice to our Content Globalization practice, and her insights into helping companies understand what’s involved in technology implementation will serve Gilbane’s user clients very well.  
Karen’s background in a variety of structured content applications, content analysis, and web analytics will enable her to contribute across several Gilbane practice areas. Her experience as a buyer and implementer of content technologies will be especially valuable as we develop new programs and services that align with Gilbane’s market education mission.
Our newest team members will be posting their first blog entries shortly. Look for them on Twitter, too.
Welcome, Sue, Vince, and Karen!