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Day: August 18, 2009

Atex Releases Polopoly v9.13 Web Content Management System

Atex released an update to their Web content management system, Polopoly 9.13, which integrates with their Text Mining engine to automatically tag, and categorize content. A new Polopoly widget also allows content to be “batch categorized”, which enhances the search results for end users, while providing internal users with a discovery and knowledge management tool. Instead of editors applying relevant categories manually, the text mining engine will now do it automatically. Editors can instruct the engine to analyze a piece of content and suggest relevant categories based on the text, and receive suggestions based on the metadata and IPTC categorization. With Polopoly 9.13, classified content is automatically placed in dynamic lists based on metadata selections in the repository. These lists can automatically serve up older stories with links for related content, which are placed in context alongside the current articles. Interested users could be encouraged to  “read more” or “find similar” stories based on information from the articles they are viewing. Publishers can even create new pages based entirely on archived content that’s been categorized by metadata.

IXIASOFT Announces DITA CMS v2.6 Availability

IXIASOFT has announced the availability of version 2.6 of its DITA CMS solution. DITA CMS is a content management solution enabling technical communicators to author, manage and publish their DITA content efficiently. The solution’s flexible search tool enable users to find and reuse their DITA topics, images and maps. New features include saving search queries and the exporting of search results. The DITA relationship table editor now has drag and drop capability for creating relations between topics, as well as a relationship overview feature for finding items a topic is linked to. Other new features include– a dependency view (“where-used” feature); the ability to use an external diff tool (in addition to the built-in tool), for xml-aware comparison; drag and drop interface in the map editor for creating maps from search results; and the ability to run certain tasks in the background while the user continues on a different task.

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