There sure is a lot of news about Web 2.0 these days. It can be hard to take it all in, and there seems to be new tools every day! So how to make sense of it all.

One way to learn more about these tools is to attend the session I will be hosting at the Gilbane San Francisco Conference ( in June called “My Favorite Web 2.0 Tool“. It will be organized in the fast paced “Lightning Round” style, with 10 speakers covering 10 topics in 60 minutes (yes, that is about 5 minutes each). This unique presentation format allows for presentation of many ideas at once, encourages audience participation, and tends to be fairly hilarious.

Got something to say about Web 2.0 tools? I would love to hear from people interested in participating in this lightning round. Send me a one paragraph description of why your favorite Web 2.0 tool should be included in this session (send to We’re open to a broad definition of Web 2.0 tools too. We are looking for innovative ideas, game changers, or even just entertaining or fun apps!

We would love to hear from you!. The slots will fill up fast so don’t wait if you hope to participate.

See you in San Francisco!