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Day: March 23, 2009

Content Management Vendors on Twitter

So I have spent enough time on Twitter to conclude that it is useful, indeed very useful, for keeping up with news and trends in technology. Just like the blogosphere, Twitter has its “A list” folks like Guy Kawasaki and many hundreds of interesting people with smaller followings. But I have also found it to be the most useful means I have for following news feeds—from Scientific American (@sciam in Twitter) to Paid Content (@paidcontent) to New England Sports Network (@NESNcom).

Not surprisingly, content management vendors are getting involved as well, and I welcome this. I put out a call ages ago for vendors to alert me to RSS feeds of their press releases, finding them much more useful than emailed press releases in long form. (Few did.) But now I want these things via Twitter. I love Twitter search, and I have begun using TweetDeck to filter and group things. I feel like I can keep much better track of things, read what I want to in long form, and share what I think is especially interesting.

What I would like to see next is an easy way to share groups of Twitter feeds, and even collaborate on them. I have been collecting a list of CMS vendors on Twitter, and offer the start of that list here. Anyone have thoughts about how we could create a useful master list? To start with, I would love to add categories to this—some are WCM vendors, others more niche, some are open source, and so on.


Twitter User Name Twitter URL Company  
acquia Acquia  
AlfrescoCMS Alfresco CMS  
attivio Attivio  
boxdotnet Box  
brightcove Brightcove  
coremedia_news Core Media  
CrownPeakCMS CrownPeak  
daysoftware Day Software  
Dirxion Dirxion  
DotNetNuke DotNetNuke  
Drupal Drupal Org  
elcomtechnology elcom Technology  
ektrondave   Ektron  
emccorp EMC Corp.  
EMCsoftware EMC Software  
episerver EpiServer  
escenic escenic  
EE ExpressionEngine  
gentics Gentics  
google Google  
hpnews HP News  
HP_IPG HP’s Imaging and Printers Group  
HylandSoftware Hyland Software  
ibmevents IBM Events  
Intelledox Intelledox  
Interwoven_Inc Interwoven/Autonomy  
ipublishcentral IPublishCentral  
IronMountainInc Iron Mountain  
Jadu Jadu  
Jahia Jahia  
joomla Joomla Org  
Lionbridge Lionbridge  
Lotusphere Lotusphere  
magnolia_cms Magnolia CMS  
SharePoint Microsoft Sharepoint  
msoffice_us MS Office US  
MSDN_Office MSDN Office News  
NsteinTech Nstein  
Omtool Omtool  
openedit OpenEdit DAM  
OpenText OpenText  
Oracle Oracle  
papayaCMS papaya CMS  
plone Plone Org  
radiantcmsntcms Radiant CMS  
ScriptoriumTech   Scriptorium  
sdltridion SDL Tridion  
squizuk Squiz.NET  
streamserve StreamServe  
tizra Tizra  
Typo 3  
vignettecorp Vignette  
webworks_com WebWorks  
wordpress WordPress  
XeroxCorp Xerox  
XMPie XMPie  


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