April Fool’s Day usually brings out the kid in all of us, making for some fun and interesting spoofs. The April 1st press release that the United Nations was banning all “unnecessary languages” brought out the worried adult in me pretty quickly. Turns out I was spoofed — thankfully.

OTOH, the arrogance inherent to “all will be English” begs the question, are many organizations being spoofed on a daily basis by succumbing to this theory? And is it not scarily interesting that reading the entire article as a source of truth doesn’t sound too far off given the lack of global content — not only translated, but localized — in numerous industries? PRWeb claimed the article “too close for comfort,” but valuable for revealing serious issues in the global community.

Posted by EnglishClub.com, the article stated, “By 2049, when all languages other than English will have been phased out, the only language that will have international sanction will be English.” Pretty ominous sounding stuff. Enough to generate 315 extremely emotional responses to the blog entry between March 31 and April 3rd. Scary but false.

As the United Nations continues to promote 2008 as the Year of International Languages, here’s a “scary but true.”