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Day: March 21, 2008

XML Resources

Jabin White from Silverchair was interviewing me the other day for their newsletter, and one of the questions was about which blogs I read. Of course, I read a lot–a quick count of my RSS reader shows me about 50 blogs under “content management” and “XML.” I also have a few RSS feeds for vendor press releases (and a note to vendors–I vastly prefer RSS delivery of press releases over email delivery, so if you have an RSS feed, please email me).

I need to do some housework in my blog list. Out of those 50 or so blogs, at least 10 seem to be completely dormant, and a number are very rarely updated. But there are some I read regularly. These include:

Aside from blogs, I read of course, and Robin Cover’s Cover Pages. (You have XML pretty much covered if you read these two things–and of course!)

One other thing I do is use Google news and blog alerts, though sparingly, as you can really get overwhelmed. I get a daily Google Alert on XForms, for example, that is usually very good.

Note that I didn’t mention email. I do get a lot of things in my inbox, and read some, but I spend more time pruning my email than I do reading it. I also periodically unsubscribe to email lists and then curse myself for joining them in the first place. I read a few yahoo groups regularly (notably dita-users, now 1824 members strong!), but use the browser interface for that more and more.

So that’s my bag of tricks. Any thing else I should be reading?

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