CM Professionals is now accepting nominations of candidates for the Board of Directors. The nominations period runs from now until December 21.
In a balloting period beginning January 7, CM Pros members will elect four new directors to two-year terms set to expire in January 2010. Eleven candidates ran in the 2007 elections held this past January. The Elections Committee expects to attract an equal number of qualified candidates for this election, given the growing profile of content management as a business practice and higher visibility of content management professionals within enterprises worldwide.
Candidates must be CM Pros members in good standing (i.e., current in their dues). The organization seeks individuals who are committed to the content management community and to the goals of CM Pros, can effectively lead international teams of volunteers and accomplish project and program goals, and have professional networks that can drive participation by all consitutents in the community. CM Pros from outside North America are especially encouraged to consider running for the board.
For more information about opportunities to serve CM Pros, please see the nominations page on the CM Pros website. You can also send email to