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Day: March 6, 2007

VMware Issues Virtual Wiki Appliance Certification to MindTouch Deki

MindTouch announced that its MindTouch Deki commercial wiki software has received the VMware Certified Virtual Appliance certification. With this designation, MindTouch Deki is deemed compatible with VMware’s entire product line, including VMware Player, VMware Workstation, VMware Server and VMware ESX. MindTouch Deki is a business wiki that installs in minutes, giving corporate workgroups the ability to share information and collaborate almost instantly and securely on their own networks. It is a complete pre-installed, pre-configured application and operating system that runs on any Windows or Linux machine. From small departments to large enterprises, MindTouch Deki runs atop the VMware Player or any product from VMware. It also enables content portability whereby users can move both the wiki application and its content from machine to machine, even to removable storage devices up to 100 Gigabytes. MindTouch Deki is free for the first five users and is designed for on-demand scalability. The free license does not include software updates and fixes, support or certain advanced features, such as Outlook Connector. A full product license (for five users) starts at $995.

We Are Smarter Than Me

MIT, Wharton, Pearson, and Shared Insights have developed a very interesting project. They have set up a wiki allowing a community of people to write a business book that will be published by Pearson in the fall. The overall premise is that communities can augment or even replace certain traditional business efforts. Marketing has emerged as the leading area for such efforts. I wrote a short section on the power of word of mouth in service marketing. The preliminary results will be shared at the Community 2.0 conference next week in Las Vegas.

SpringCM Extends Collaboration Capabilities of Web-Based Content Management Solution

SpringCM announced the availability of SpringCM Version 3.7 which incorporates more integrated collaboration, meeting, routing and transfer capabilities. Users access SpringCM through a Web interface, and use the system to automate work order and invoicing processes, improve access to data and documents, and streamline workflow. The new features in SpringCM Version 3.7 include the following, and are available to current subscribers at no additional cost: Web Publishing Tools – Direct access to public folders enhances Web publishing capabilities; Addressable Fax & E-Mail Folders – Policies and rules associated with the folders allow for the direct submission and processing of incoming documents, such as invoices, expense reports, credentialing documents and contracts; Roles and Permissions – New permissions and metadata capabilities provide more flexibility and security in controlling who has authority to access documents and when; WebDAV Support – Technology enables dragging and dropping of documents to transfer them to specific locations; Web Services for Workflow – Web services provide integrated access to workflow system information; Editing Enhancements – New tools enable quick document markup and editing capabilities. The new version of SpringCM is available now.

SearchBlox Content Search Software Version 4.0 Released

SearchBlox Software, Inc. has released SearchBlox Content Search Software Version 4.0 with replication support and a completely re-designed AJAX-based Admin Console. The new release also supports hit highlighting of search terms in HTML and PDF documents. The replication feature, available in SearchBlox ENTERPRISE Edition, keeps search indexes in multiple instances of SearchBlox synchronized. Using the new replication feature, search applications can be deployed using multiple instances of SearchBlox. The new release also features a new AJAX-based Admin Console which makes the management of SearchBlox Content Search Software more interactive. The new UI hides the complexities of managing the built-in HTTP, File system and RSS crawlers and makes the software accessible to novice users. SearchBlox is 100% Java and uses the open source Apache Lucene search API. SearchBlox supports indexing and searching of content in 37 languages and can be deployed on any platform that supports Java. It been tested on Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, UNIX, IBM AIX, Solaris, HP-UX, and z/OS operating systems. SearchBlox can be deployed as a J2EE Web Component to all major J2EE Application Servers including BEA Weblogic, JBoss, IBM Websphere, Oracle OAS, JRun and Apache Tomcat. It is also available as a standalone server for Windows, Mac OS X and Unix/Linux platforms. The SearchBlox Free Edition is available free of charge and can index up to 1000 documents. The software can be downloaded from

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