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Day: February 8, 2007

Is language an issue?

In my previous entry I said that I think multilinguality should be a strategic issue for companies. When companies operate globally, they should think about the impact of languages on customer satisfaction, internal efficiency, increased sales, feedback from product support to prodct development etc., instead of just looking at translation costs.

For compliance alone, language can have a huge effect. What if your Chinese subcontractor did not understand your English instructions properly, and made a serious mistake? Who is responsible? How do you ensure or measure the language understanding level of your subcontractors or employees in other countries?
I would like to welcome comments on this issue. Is it enough to say “Our corporate language is English” and that takes care of it? Does the personnel all over the world speak English so well that this is a non-issue? Do non-native English speakers spend more time reading and writing in English, and would it be easier using one’s own language?

I know several Finns who say they prefer to read everything in their special field in English, as that is the language in which they have learned their speciality. Is this the norm, or would working in own language be preferable? (When talking about working, I mean both writing and reading in a language.)

Gilbane Group Announces Expansion: New Analysts, New IT Blogs, New Consulting Practices

Gilbane Group Inc. announced the completion of the first phase of its planned expansion for 2007. In the first quarter of this year, the Gilbane group has added three new analysts, four new consulting practices, and six new analyst blogs.

Enterprise Search expert Lynda Moulton, Collaboration expert Geoffrey Bock, and Web Content Management expert Tony White join the Gilbane roster of industry veterans: New Enterprise Search Practice & Blog – Lead Analyst Lynda Moulton covers enterprise search and information access technologies and applications at; New Collaboration Practice & Blog – Lead Analyst Geoffrey Bock covers tools and practices for business collaboration, including the use of “social media” tools such as blogs and wikis at; New Globalization Practice & Blog – Lead Analyst Leonor Ciarlone and Mary Laplante with Contributor Kaija Poysti cover content globalization & localization at; New Web Content Management Practice & Blog –Lead Analyst Tony White covers web content management technologies and strategies at; New Publishing Technology & Strategy Blog –Our existing Publishing Practice led by Steve Paxhia, with Senior Analysts Bill Trippe, Bill Rosenblatt, and Thad McIlroy now has a blog to complement their service at; and our New Industry News Blog seamlessly continues our 8-year coverage of hype-free information and content management technology news, but with added “Web 2.0” features for finding, organizing and sharing news at

In addition to growing the analyst team to meet the increasing demand for reliable information and advice on the information technology areas they cover, the Gilbane group has built a new platform for collaborating with customers and partners using enterprise blog technology. The new platform includes tagging, comments, trackbacks, and topic-oriented newsfeeds, allowing Gilbane Group analysts to collaborate more dynamically, and combined with the Gilbane series of conferences and webinars, to do so all year round. Analyst biographies, contact information, and links to all Gilbane Group content are at

Update: In 2012 the multiple blogs were consolidated into the Gilbane blog. Links above have been updated and point to the closest relevant categories.

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