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The Globalization Mandate

Welcome to the Globalization Practice blog. Our goal is to build an online forum for a lively, shared discussion on this topic and hopefully, create an interactive community that encourages readers to ask questions, post opinions, and share best practices. Along with my colleague Mary Laplante, guest blogger Kaija Poysti, and other experts we might invite along the way, we’ll be providing food for thought in areas such as:

  • Why globalization as a strategic business practice should be “standard operating procedure” for organizations with multinational revenue goals
  • How globalization extends into customer experience and brand management strategies, inevitably impacting far more than content localization processes
  • Why a consolidating market forces Language Service Providers to redefine their value proposition
  • How translation and content management technologies are closing the gap between fragmented, manual localization processes
  • Why globalization compels organizations to rethink traditional content creation methods
  • Which standards are helping to integrate globalization processes and meet emerging international requirements

In June 2006, Newsweek editor Fareed Zakaria wondered, “How Long Will America Lead the World?” The piece included a familiar discussion of the many technology-driven factors that are driving an “open world economy.” Our globalization practice blog will discuss these factors and their impact on people and process management so that you have knowledge and insight on how to successfully meet the challenges of multi-lingual business communication.

Feel free to post a comment or send me an email with globalization topics that are important to your organization.

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