In preparation for our panel on Content Globalization Workflows on Thursday November 30th at our Boston conference, we have created a survey to gauge how organizations are dealing with increasing market demand for localized content.

We hope to see you at this session. But whether you join us or not, contribute to it by answering our survey questions. We’ll publish the results in a blog entry after the conference, including the results from our audience survey. Give us your input and you’ll be eligible to win a free conference pass for one of our future conferences!

Here is a short URL to the survey you can share with others:

Here’s what we’d like to know:

  1. Which issue is your most pressing business driver for providing localized content to your customers?
  2. Who is responsible for purchasing translation software in your organization?
  3. What is the most difficult challenge within your localization processes?
  4. Do you have one or more content/document management systems in house?
  5. Do you have one or more translation management systems in house?
  6. If you do not have a translation management system in house, who do you work with to manage your translation processes?
  7. If you have both a content/document and a translation management system in house, are they integrated?
  8. If the systems are integrated, select the most appropriate description of the integration.