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Just What Does “Web Customer Experience” Mean, Anyway?

As analysts and consultants, we see the phrase “web customer experience” everywhere — in vendor briefings, supplier positioning statements, service offerings from integrators, RFPs issued by enterprise adopters. With such ubiquitous use, just what does “web customer experience” mean these days?
We all have web experiences when buying music, paying bills, booking travel, accessing our corporate intranets. We all have stories about experiences that are good, bad, and just plain ugly. What separates the experiences that satisfy from those that don’t?

On October 12, we address this issue in a web event on content relevancy as the core requirement for good online experiences. In a panel discussion format, Jeff Ernst (FatWire), Bryant Shea (Molecular), and Paul Sonderegger (Endeca) talk about what it takes to serve up relevant content that satisfies customers while meeting the needs of the business.

We’re also exploring content relevancy in a Gilbane Boston session entitled “Creating High-Value Customer Experience” on Thursday, November 30.

Whether you’re attending the webinar or the conference, we invite your questions and comments on good online experiences and the role of content. Send mail to or post a comment to this entry.

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  1. Scott Quick

    I follow the Gilbane and noted your post on Web Customer Experiences and why relevant content is so essential.
    I am an investor in Attensa – a company that is focused on that exact space in the Enterprise.
    You can read about the company and their product line here:
    To sharpen its focus and add depth in this arena, the company announced the following recently:
    It you aren’t familiar with the company already, I encourage you reach out to their CEO, Craig Barnes.

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