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Day: March 5, 2006

Open Text Releases Internal Controls 3.0

Open Text Corporation (NASDAQ:OTEX) (NASDAQ:TSX:) (NASDAQ:OTC) announced the release of a major new version of its internal controls software, with new features to manage the costs of complying with corporate governance laws such as the U.S.’s Sarbanes Oxley Act and similar legislation worldwide. Open Text Internal Controls 3.0 offers a centralized, enterprise-wide system to manage internal controls information, including the ability to automate processes and internal reporting. The solution is based on Open Text’s Livelink ECM suite, which provides a broad platform for managing enterprise compliance, so customers can bring internal controls processes into a broader compliance strategy. The solution combines corporate governance tools, including a “controls library” to maintain all information on internal controls and risk mitigation; controls testing and self assessments; issues remediation and task management; audit trails; employee certifications; and reporting. The solution offers a variety of configurable options to minimize the need for customization, and can be applied to address the U.S.’s Sarbanes Oxley Act; Canada’s Bill 198; the U.K.’s Combined Code and Turnbull report and the Companies Bill; France’s Loi de Securite Financiere; Germany’s KonTraG – Law for Control & Transparency and the German Code of Corporate Governance; and the European Union’s Proposed Directive on Statutory Audit. Other features include workflow and e-mail integration to manage processes involved in the certification of internal controls.

Stellent Releases Version 8.1 of Outside In Content Transformation Technology

Stellent, Inc’s. (Nasdaq:STEL) Content Components Division announced the release of Stellent Outside In Technology version 8.1. Stellent Outside In Technology enhances software applications such as enterprise content management, search, email management, security, compliance, data forensics, litigation support, e-discovery and portals. These companies use the Outside In software development kits (SDKs) to identify files, extract text and metadata, provide a high-fidelity view of file contents, and convert files into any one of 11 output formats without reliance on native applications. Outside In Version 8.1 is a new release of the entire suite of Outside In products: Outside In File ID, Outside In Viewer Technology, Outside In Content Access, Outside In Search Export, Outside In HTML Export, Outside In XML Export, Outside In Image Export and Outside In Transformation Server. The new release features performance improvements, new and enhanced file format support, and support for the latest operating system versions. Additionally, it leverages the interoperability between the products to enable programmatic annotation of converted output. Stellent Outside In version 8.1 includes a new SDK, Outside In File ID, which identifies file types without using file extensions or mime types. Version 8.1 of Stellent Outside In Technology supports four new formats, adds support for new versions of nine additional formats and offers enhancements to filters supporting 30 formats. With this release, Outside In Technology now supports more than 390 file formats. All supported operating systems have been updated to the latest versions, and Outside In Content Access has been ported to FreeBSD.

Convera Announces Open Excalibur Partner Program

Convera Corporation (NASDAQ:CNVR) announced the addition of four partners to its Open Excalibur partner program. The Open Excalibur search platform provides integration of the 3rd party products and services by adhering to standards such as REST and XML. In addition, Convera is working with partners on an indexing API to allow 3rd party technologies such as language processing, entity extractors, and geo-tagging to fit directly into the indexing pipeline. The Open Excalibur platform will allow customers to incorporate other technologies to customize the Excalibur search and analysis capabilities to their specific needs. Convera and Factiva plan to develop a universal data box utilizing a platform built on Excalibur and representing a large, deep index of categorized and authority-ranked Web results. The companies also plan to create an open source consortium to help them target vertical markets such as government and law enforcement organizations and to launch a secure hosted data center to provide secure subscription service access to open source content. FMS Advanced Systems Group of Vienna, Va., is porting their Sentinel Threat Management System (TMS) link analysis suite so it can work directly with Excalibur to enable analysts and researchers to use the Internet more extensively. Sentinel TMS represents the way for visualizing, analyzing and managing complex data, including 2D and 3D models, Social Network Analysis and secure collaboration for workgroups.

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