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Day: November 15, 2005

Siderean Announces New Solution for Metadata Generation & Harvesting to Support Navigation of Digital Content

Siderean Software announced a product and services solution for extracting and aligning metadata from large amounts of unstructured and structured data based on the IBM Unstructured Information Management Architecture (UIMA). The new Seamark Metadata Assembly Process Platform (MAPP) improves digital content navigation capabilities by expanding and enriching available metadata so Seamark Navigator can present more accurate and complete scope of available content and context for accessing information. Seamark Navigator offers a harvesting back-end for accessing and generating metadata prior to loading it into its store. The existing harvester is best suited for applications where the metadata is reasonably evolved and well-organized outside Seamark Navigator, requiring little transformation and processing before incorporating the feed into the store. For more complex environments, where large volumes of diverse and unorganized digital assets must be processed for navigation, a more formalized framework is needed to manage and align the metadata representation to the business. This new solution uniquely combines the richness of the semantic Web with existing Web services and UIMA standards. Seamark MAPP is a configurable framework for generating and analyzing metadata from diverse sources including file systems, content management solutions, databases, Web pages, RSS feeds and blogs. Seamark MAPP is expected to be generally available before the end of the year.

ISYS Announces ISYS:sdk 7

ISYS Search Software announced the immediate general availability of ISYS:sdk 7, the company’s embedded search solution for system integrators and OEMs. ISYS:sdk is designed to provide everyone from independent software vendors to professional services organizations with a solution for embedding advanced search technology into custom applications, from email archiving and records management to document imaging and document management. New features that are core to ISYS:sdk 7, include: Support for C-callable libraries, COM, Java and .NET, complete with full documentation and samples written in C, Visual Basic, Delphi, ASP and C#; The ability to index an unlimited number of documents and search several billion documents in a single query, over a broad range of document formats; A semantically rich query language; On-The-Fly document categorization; A plug-in API; Increased index capacity and greater scalability allowing indexes to be built using multiple processors; and Unicode indexes, which enable content in various languages to reside in a single index.

Exegenix Annouces Document Migration Toolkit for DB2 “Viper”

Exegenix announced that it has enabled its XML conversion technology to simplify the migration of unstructured material into structured XML data in IBM’s next version of DB2 code-named “Viper”. With DB2 Viper IBM is adding a Native XML store in its DB2 repository, taking a more holistic approach to combine XML and relational systems. XML support is incorporated deeper in the DB2 data engine than can be achieved via content shredding or BLOB storage. Data storage is centralized for applications with broad capabilities that support both structured content modules and tabular data. Exegenix’s intelligent conversion technology uses visual cues to uncover each document’s structure automatically. People rarely have problems determining the hierarchical structure of any document they encounter, because they look at a document as a whole, taking into consideration each graphical object’s format, position, and context. Exegenix technology does the same thing it interprets a document’s logical structure based on the appearance and position of its components, with no dependency on consistently formatted input. This rules-free XML construction process requires no mapping, no scripting, and no programming. Exegenix has incorporated this conversion technology into the Exegenix Document Migration Toolkit for DB2, which emulates the “extract, transform, load” methodology commonly employed for structured data migration. The Exegenix Document Migration Toolkit for DB2 is available to beta testers via an IBM-supplied registration and password, at the secure portal

Tarari Announces RAX-XSLT

Tarari Inc. announced an Early Adopter Program and general availability of its XSLT processing engines, named RAX-XSLT that are designed and optimized for Web Services and transactional XML processing. RAX-XSLT is a new addition to Tarari’s Random Access XML (RAX) family of XML Content Processors. Tarari’s Content Processors are components that are designed to accelerate and harden the processing of XML on network devices, switches, appliances, blades, and servers. RAX-XSLT is now available as both a silicon-based component and a “pure software” library. A new Tarari XSLT Script Analysis Profiler, also included with RAX-XSLT, helps developers optimize performance by eliminating script “hotspots” that reduce processing speeds. RAX-XSLT automatically detects Tarari’s XML RAX Content Processor, available on a PCI/PCI-X board that plugs into an available server or network appliance slot. The RAX Content Processor provides instant and transparent hardware (silicon) acceleration for processor-exhausting XML processing tasks such as document parsing, XPath processing, schema validation, XML security, XML content-based routing and XSLT. RAX-XSLT is capable of sensing when acceleration silicon is available, and transparently switches over to hardware-accelerated operation at that time. RAX-XSLT is compliant with W3C XSLT 1.1, JAXP, and eXSLT. Developers who sign up for Tarari’s RAX-XSLT Early Adopter Program by the end of December can purchase the pure-software version of the RAX-XSLT Development Kit for $895. For the duration of the Early Adopter Program, the Tarari XML RAX Content Processor Development Kit will include the RAX-XSLT technology with the hardware-based XML RAX Content Processor on a PCI/PCI-X card at no extra cost at the current price of $4,995.

Xenos Releases infoWEB 5.2 Document Management Solution

Xenos Group, Inc. (TSX: XNS) announced availability of a new release of infoWEB that extends the solution’s enterprise report delivery functionality with a broad range of new features to enable document, e-forms, and scanned image management. The solution, Xenos infoWEB 5.2, supports versioning, annotation, and metadata, and also offers a workflow engine to automate internal routing of critical business information. Xenos infoWEB 5.2 also offers a single interface that features a consolidated view to stored reports across multiple instances of the solution.

Inxight Announces SmartDiscovery Awareness Server 5.4

Inxight Software announced Inxight SmartDiscovery Awareness Server 5.4, which allows users to query a variety of internal and external sources from one search box, and then to cluster and filter the results by the most relevant people, companies, concepts (noun phrases), places and other entities mentioned in them, speeding access to information. For example, government analysts can access open and classified sources with a single query and then see and filter by the most relevant concepts, weapons, organizations and people mentioned in documents to pinpoint information of interest. Brand managers can search multiple news agencies, analyst reports and internal information to see the companies, concepts and products most often mentioned in conjunction with their own company and a search term of interest. Drug researchers can access Medline, subscription journals and other relevant websites to see and filter results by the genes, kinases and other information most commonly associated with a given search term. SmartDiscovery Awareness Server is preconfigured out of the box to search and track data from more than 600 online and enterprise sources. It ranks this information by relevance and provides a variety of intelligent filtering and preview options, including entity, category and source clustering. Customized alerts and page tracking automatically inform users of new and updated information. Entity extraction is accomplished when used with Inxight SmartDiscovery Analysis Server, which “reads” text and automatically detects people, companies, places, concepts (noun phrases) and many other entities out-of-the-box, without the need for complicated taxonomies, tuning or pre-defined lists. The system leverages existing Single Sign-On (SSO) and authentication schemes to provide secure access to subscription and other password-protected data sources.

Justsystems Adding Native XML Support to IBM’s DB2 ‘Viper’

Justsystems Inc. announced that it is working with IBM to deliver a solution for native XML applications based on IBM’s next version of DB2, code-named ‘Viper’. The combination of Viper and Justsystems’ xfy front-end application platform will provide native support for XML content handling and business intelligence. xfy Enterprise Solution for DB2 Viper1 serves as a platform for creating and running native XML applications extremely rapidly. It is based on xfy Basic Edition 1.0, released in Oct. 2005. On the xfy platform, a document becomes the fundamental executable unit of an XML application, an “XML Object” that contains both data and business logic. xfy Enterprise Solution for DB2 Viper provides semi-automated, real-time application creation from existing XML resources, such as XML Schema or XQuery results. xfy Enterprise Solution for DB2 Viper is written in Java and runs on multiple platforms, including Windows, Linux, and Macintosh. xfy Basic Edition 1.0 and xfy Developer’s Toolkit 1.0 are available free for noncommercial individual or academic use. xfy Enterprise Solution for DB2 Viper consists of xfy Enterprise Solution 1.0 and DB2 Viper Extension kit. xfy Enterprise Solution 1.0 is scheduled for release in June, 2006. The DB2 Viper Extension Kit will follow.

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