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Day: August 2, 2005

Contextware Releases OS version 2.3

Contextware, Inc. announced the release of Contextware OS version 2.3, the latest version of its software platform. The Contextware OS platform helps enterprises capture, organize, distribute and operate more effectively around business processes, content and resources. Capabilities include: Multiple Organization Support and Security, Enhanced Usage Reporting, Improved Process Authoring, Expanded Taxonomy Management, and new Search Features. Also new to this release is a web-based “How-to” help that is centrally managed using the Contextware platform to provide information, FAQs and support for client installations. Technology and architecture enhancements in Contextware OS v2.3 include cross browser support (IE, Firefox, Netscape, Opera, Safari) and enhancements to the user interface in the work, authoring and administration user interfaces.

Syntext Updates Serna XML Editor

Syntext, Inc. announced version 2.3 of its Serna WYSIWYG XML Editor. Serna is a WYSIWYG XML editor incorporating on-the-fly XSL-driven technology that allows users to work with XML documents “close to their print appearance.” Enterprise technical author groups can simplify and accelerate their collaborative work on the XML documents with the new Serna functionality for XInclude support, WebDAV support and redlining. With Serna’s XInclude support, authors can re-use and assemble content from several documents. The included XML documents are edited “in-place,” as if they are parts of the main document. Authors can include only a part of a document without breaking it into fragments. The redlining functionality allows authors to annotate XML documents, and find, accept or reject changes made by others. Serna’s redlining is transparent to document schema and does not affect other tools and publishing systems. The key features of Syntext Serna include: out-of-the-box support of DocBook, DITA, TEI, XHTML, NITF; on-the-fly XSL rendering and XML Schema document validation, support for XML catalogs, redlining, XInclude, WebDAV, CALS table support, multilingual spell checking, C++ and scripting (Python) plugin APIs, and availability for Microsoft Windows (2000, XP), Mac OS X and Linux. Free trials are available for download at

CM Professionals Announces Fall 2005 Events

Content Management Professionals (CM Pros), the international content management community of practice, announced a series of events scheduled for Fall 2005. Building on the success of two previous events, this year’s schedule includes the Content Management Summit to be held in conjunction with ECMplaza in Rotterdam, The Netherlands on October 5, the Content Management Face-to-Face to be held in conjunction with the Content Management Forum in Aarhus, Denmark on November 8, and the Fall 2005 CM Pros Summit to be held in conjunction with the Gilbane Conference on Content Management Technologies in Boston, Massachusetts on November 28.

The Fall 2005 CM Pros Summit will kick off with an industry keynote, followed by roundtable discussions and workshops that will provide insights into the most effective ways to author or collect, store, manage and correlate data and content to facilitate customization and personalization. Underscoring the many valuable benefits of CM Pros membership, CM Pros members will receive with each Summit registration a 100 Euro discount coupon for ECMplaza or Content Management Forum or a $150 discount coupon for the Gilbane Conference.

Individuals who are not currently CM Pros members are eligible for a discounted CM Pros Summit/Membership package. Those who register by September 1 members and non-members alike qualify for a $25 discount.

On the morning following the Boston Summit, CM Pros members will gather for a new member orientation and committee and workshop meetings, during which the organization’s dedicated and hardworking members will collaborate on deliverables such as white papers and case studies.,

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