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Day: May 18, 2005

Siderean Announces Availability of Seamark Navigation Server

Siderean Software, Inc. has announced the general availability of its Seamark Navigation Server, a turn-key, enterprise-class navigation capability that permits users to “search the way they think”. Seamark provides IT personnel and information architects the means to pinpoint specific information by integrating various data sources (both structured and unstructured from both inside and outside the enterprise) as a new, dynamic data collection that can be browsed, searched, or queried. It then generates a browsable application that enables users to pinpoint information within that collection. The Web-ready, Seamark-generated application can be used “as is”; refined as necessary for look, feel or function; incorporated into a Web page; or linked to other applications as a Web service. What Seamark does is systematically examine the various data sources to which it is introduced, discovers both the explicit and implicit structure or organization in the data, produces a “metadata” description of its content and characteristics, and then automatically generates a browsable, prototype application based upon that description. Seamark provides interfaces to JDBC, RDF/XML, and RSS. Seamark uses a Web-services model. Client interfaces include RSS, SOAP, and ASP/JSP. It is offered as a standalone platform under Linux, Windows and Solaris.

XForms Wiki

Mark Birbeck’s company, Ltd., makers of formsPlayer, have launched an XForms Wiki, and they have some seeded it with some good material. Some of the initial content includes tutorials, industry news, reference material, and sample applications.

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