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Day: April 6, 2005

Arbortext Partners with Datacopy Publishing Solutions GmbH

Arbortext announced it has entered into a reseller partnership with Datacopy Publishing Solutions GmbH, a German IT services and solution reseller to resell Arbortext products to businesses in key European industries, including manufacturing, aerospace, life science and financial services. Datacopy Publishing Solutions GmbH has over 23 years experience in providing professional publishing solutions. ,

Nextance Partners with Oracle XML Database Solution

Nextance Inc. announced working with Oracle to accelerate the industry’s adoption of XML databases as technology for managing the intrinsically complex mix of both structured and unstructured data within contractual agreements. The advantages that XML delivers are pronounced in Enterprise Contract Management solutions, with contracts containing a significant and untapped reservoir of unstructured language such as revenue sharing models, exclusivity rights, intellectual property ownership, fees and penalties which are essential in properly measuring the risk and reward potential of customer, supplier and partner relationships. Nextance supports Oracle XML and is participating in the Database 10g Release 2 Beta Program to prepare for the upcoming new release.,

Using XML in Enterprise Content Management: Technologies and Case Studies

As part of the conference next week, I will be doing a tutorial on XML and how it is currently used in content management applications. There is plenty to talk about. While there are few “pure” applications of XML content management, XML is used, in varying degrees, to manage and represent the content, the metadata, the supporting data, and the configuration data in many content management applications.
We will spend some time talking generally about how XML is used in content management applications. Much of the focus will be on a series of brief case studies–example applications really–discussing how successful projects use XML today.

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