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Day: March 9, 2005

Day Presents Beta Version of Java Content Repository

Day announced the release of the Beta version of the company’s Java Content Repository. The new product is based on the new Java standard for Enterprise Content, JSR 170. Day’s Content Repository Extreme (CRX) provides a complete commercial implementation of all functionalities defined in the specification. Day’s new Java Content Repository provides standardized enterprise content services such as indexing, search, versioning, check-in/check-out or access control for all documents. Simultaneously, other applications can be accessed via the same interface on all documents and content services. This new architecture allows for the use of completely different documents corporate-wide and overall systems. JSR 170 will be officially introduced worldwide in the first half of 2005.

Infrae & Nuxeo Join Forces on Zope 3

Infrae, based in Rotterdam and Nuxeo, based in Paris, announce their cooperation on developing enterprise-grade software, with a focus on Zope 3 application technologies. The two companies focus on enterprise CMS software using the Zope 3 platform. Infrae is the creator of the ‘Silva’ CMS, and Nuxeo of the ‘Collaborative Portal Server’ (CPS). The Zope 3 platform is an advanced version of the Zope application server, developed by Zope Corporation together with an international group of open source developers. Zope 3 is written in Python. Built around a component architecture, Zope 3 offers increased reusability and customizability. Infrae and Nuxeo remain committed to the Zope 2 platform. During the preceding months the companies have used Five to extend Silva and CPS with Zope 3 technology. Five is a component – developed by Infrae and now maintained by an open source community – to integrate Zope 3 technologies in Zope 2. Nuxeo has made significant contributions to Five, for instance exposing the full power of the Zope 3 schema/forms machinery. Five is now ready for production use.,

Microsoft to Acquire Groove

Microsoft Corp. announced that it will acquire Groove Networks Inc. The addition of Groove products to the lineup of Microsoft Office System products, servers and services builds on the capabilities of Microsoft’s current collaboration products. The acquisition also brings to Microsoft founder Ray Ozzie, a creator of IBM Corp.’s Lotus Notes. Ozzie will assume the role of chief technical officer, reporting to Bill Gates, with responsibility for influencing corporate-wide communication and collaboration offerings and associated platform infrastructure. Ozzie also will continue his work with the Groove team, which will be part of Microsoft’s Information Worker Group. Groove has worked closely with Microsoft for nearly five years. After the deal is completed, the nearly 200-person Groove organization will continue to operate from its Beverly, Mass., headquarters as part of Microsoft’s Information Worker Group. The acquisition is expected to be complete in the second quarter of 2005. Groove will continue to operate as a separate company until regulatory requirements have been met and the acquisition is finalized. A free trial edition of Groove Virtual Office is available.,

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