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Day: March 6, 2005

ScanSoft Adds Indexing of PDF, Fax and Scanned Documents to Google Desktop Search

ScanSoft, Inc. announced the ScanSoft OmniPage Search Indexer for Google Desktop Search. The beta release of the plug-in, which is available free on the Google Web site, automatically creates text-index information from PDF files and faxes, as well as scanned books and documents – making them visible to Google Desktop Search. The OmniPage Search Indexer uses ScanSoft’s optical character recognition (OCR) and PDF conversion technology to recognize the text within image-based content, creating the index information needed by the search application. The OmniPage Search Indexer is based on technology found in ScanSoft OmniPage Pro Office 14. OmniPage is also used to batch convert various formats into searchable PDF archives for content management systems. ScanSoft also provides this capability to developers who wish to add imaging and PDF capabilities to their applications, via the OmniPage Capture SDK. The English language beta release of the OmniPage Search Indexer for Google Desktop Search is available via download. Versions for Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish will be made available within 30 days. Pricing for the final release of the plug-in has not been set. The plug-in indexes the image text found within PDF normal, PDF image, JPEG/JPG, TIFF/TIF (FAX), BMP and PaperPort MAX file formats, and supports personal computers running Microsoft Windows XP and Windows 2000.,

Authentica Extends Adobe Acrobat Support

Authentica, Inc. announced that it has extended its Active Rights Management (ARM) platform with support for the newly released Adobe Acrobat 7.0 for Windows. Additionally, Authentica will support Acrobat 5.0 for Sun Solaris and digital certificate authentication with Sun Solaris workstations. This enables U.S. Department of Defense and intelligence agency customers to leverage their existing PKI infrastructure to create and share sensitive data securely on Sun Solaris workstations. In addition to Adobe Acrobat, Authentica’s ARM platform integrates with Microsoft Office, Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, Microsoft Internet Explorer, and Netscape web browsers. The ARM platform also allows content owners to enforce information security policies and track access to information from their desktop applications, or organizations can automate protection and policy enforcement by integrating Authentica within content management systems, email gateways and portal applications.

SilkRoad Introduces Expanded Silkware Platform

SilkRoad technology, inc., a provider of enterprise content management and collaboration software, introduced its new Silkware platform, bringing together audio and video blogging application and an assortment of communication and collaboration tools on one common platform. The new Silkware platform offers enterprise-class blogging, audio/video blogging, instant messaging, chat, surveying and polling software, available together or separately, in a subscription-based, software-as-a-service model. The SilkClips audio/video blogging tool allows bloggers to capture, publish and play back audio and video clips. The video blogging offering allows independent media outlets to leverage the Web as a vehicle for content delivery. Silkmessenger is an instant messaging and chat product that has security, auditing and advanced features for business needs while also offering an immediate consumption and community feel. Silkblogs is a Web publishing application that makes it easy for companies to efficiently and securely collaborate and communicate. Silksurveys is a dynamic Web survey and feedback management tool to create, publish and distribute multi-question, multi-page, Web-based surveys and then analyze and interpret the results.

FCG Enhances Compliance Capabilities of FirstDoc Enterprise Content Management Suite

First Consulting Group announced the addition of new functionality and modules to its FirstDoc ECM product suite. These new features are part of FCG’s efforts to ensure its clients are more able to respond to regulatory and policy shifts such as Sarbanes-Oxley, the FDA’s Structured Product Labeling (SPL), and the EMEA’s Exchange of Product Information (PIM). FirstDoc Enterprise is designed to prepare life sciences firms for compliance while helping to synchronize business processes, improve business agility, and create a more responsive IT infrastructure. FCG enables companies to extend existing compliance functions, such as document audit trails, typically used for GMP and 21 CFR Part 11 compliance, to other areas of their business. New FirstDoc functionality included in FirstDoc Enterprise, version 3.3 include the ability to create and manage XML components and documents, the ability to perform dynamic XML content assembly and publishing, an electronic records management feature that includes automatic calculation of retention dates as well as automatic purging of documents that have expired and that have been confirmed for deletion, the ability to route multiple documents and/or virtual documents in one workflow operation for review and approval, and the availability of product dictionaries and aliases to all solutions based on FirstDoc Enterprise.

Navisware & Adobe Provide Rights Management for Design Documentation & Enterprise Applications

Navisware announced FileLine, its design documentation security product, will support the Adobe LiveCycle Policy Server for providing rights management capabilities to a variety of enterprise applications. The combination of FileLine and Adobe LiveCycle Policy Server expands DRM capabilities to include a wide variety of document types critical to the engineering design process, including AutoCAD, SolidWorks, and Microsoft Word documents. Now, FileLine customers can use LiveCycle Policy Server to apply usage policies to engineering documents for controlling how, when, and by whom the documents can be used. LiveCycle Policy Server lets the document owner update the file with new policies as often as desired without having to redistribute the document or file. Additionally, the document owner can easily view an activity log of how often the recipient has attempted to perform controlled actions (e.g. Save, Print, Cut/Copy/Paste, etc.). This same rights management technology ensures that version control of documents is maintained when the owner invokes immediate or date-based expiration, preventing contractors from making costly mistakes based on outdated documents or intellectual property falling into the wrong hands. Content developers can now share design information in the manner and for the time that they intended.

EDS Delivers E-mail Archive Service with EMC Centera

EDS announced the launch of an e-mail archive service that eases compliancy woes by managing corporate e-mail assets. EDS will sell the service to new and existing clients challenged by more than 15,000 global regulations, including SEC 17a-4, HIPAA, Sarbanes- Oxley and Basel II. EDS’ managed service is based on EMC Centera; a content addressed storage (CAS) solution that provides simple, scalable, secure access to fixed content. The managed archival service is offered as an extension to EDS Managed Storage Services, or as a complement to EDS Workplace Services and EDS Enterprise Content Management services. This service will also address organizations that are self-imposing new internal standards and procedures to contain costs and improve efficiency. Retention and disposition of electronic records, such as e-mail, is increasingly more complex and corporate control over e-mail is critical to efficient operations. EDS e-mail archiving is offered as a per-mailbox per-month subscription service that includes application-aware policies supporting Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Domino/Notes messaging platforms.

Dialog Releases DialogLink 5

Dialog announced that DialogLink 5 is now available for free downloading. The new DialogLink 5 software package, designed to help enhance the role of information professionals in their organizations, has a new interface and tools to streamline the process of finding, retrieving and distributing information found through the Dialog online service. DialogLink 5 features report-building tools and linking capabilities that provide a faster and more efficient means of integrating retrieved information into management reports, company publications and internal information-sharing systems, such as company intranets and portals. The software also includes Electronic Redistribution and Archiving (ERA), a service that guarantees copyright clearance for copying, storing and distributing documents retrieved from Dialog. The new integrated report builder makes it easier to produce reports by providing a selection of pre-formatted Microsoft Excel and Word templates. Another feature of DialogLink 5 is its new built-in, automated research assistance. Users can instantly link to related information in other files, choose a display format based on search results, access relevant support materials with one click and ask questions of the Dialog support team directly. DialogLink provides further assistance by automatically analyzing a researcher’s initial search query and then recommending alternate sources and search strategies to be pursued for more in-depth research results.,

ACG and 55 Minutes Partner

ACG and 55 Minutes have joined forces to deliver business solutions for the enterprise including Digital Asset Management, Workflow Automation, and Distribution Portals. Specializing in the organization, retrieval, and distribution of rich media content, the goal of the partnership is to work jointly on Rich Media Management projects providing clients all the services and support that are needed to build cost effective rich media management systems. The combined teams have experience with various DAM and rich media products and are providing an unbiased and broad array of services like business analysis, vendor selection, project and change management as well as application integration and web development for unique non out-of-the-box requirements. ,

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