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Day: January 11, 2005

Xenos Releases d2e Vision 2.0

Xenos Group Inc. announced the release of version 2.0 of d2e Vision. Three new major components are now available – for processing Adobe PDF 1.4 and TIFF input files and for easily generating indexes for high volume electronic content management, archive and database applications. These complement the existing capability to process IBM AFP and Xerox Metacode/DJDE printstreams and generate PDF, HTML/CSS, Image, TIFF, AFP and XML output formats for e-business applications such as web-based customer statement presentment. d2e Vision is available on Windows NT/2000/XP, AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Solaris and IBM z/OS (running Unix Systems Services).

Bare Bones Software Releases TextWrangler 2.0

Bare Bones Software, Inc. announced the immediate availability of TextWrangler 2.0, a major upgrade to its general purpose text editor. TextWrangler 2.0 introduces syntax coloring and function navigation for eight new languages plus feature additions and improvements, including a new Documents Drawer and Navigation Bar, a new Shebang menu, SFTP support, enhanced multi-file search and replace, the ability to apply Text Factories created with BBEdit 8, enhanced text transformation tools, improved Unicode support. TextWrangler 2.0 requires Mac OS X 10.3.5 or later. TextWrangler 2.0 is available immediately, free of charge for all Mac users. Registered owners of TextWrangler are eligible for a discounted cross-upgrade price on BBEdit. All currently registered owners of TextWrangler version 1.0 and later are also eligible for a credit of $49 on future purchases from Bare Bones Software and will be notified automatically via email. Commercial licensing terms are available for companies who wish to include TextWrangler 2.0 in their product.

Mondosoft Web Service Search Kit Now Available

Mondosoft announced the availability of a Web Service Search Kit that facilitates the deployment of search through web services. The Web Service Search Kit makes it easy to create a unified search index across multiple data sources, programming languages and software applications. Because it allows for local customization of search results and search options no matter where content is stored, it is useful for departmental, branch or user-specific adjustments of search results. The Kit can be accessed by and deployed with any language that supports XML and SOAP. Two samples are included with Mondosoft’s Web Service Search Kit. The Research Service for Microsoft Office 2003 sample allows access to content sources from different places and of various types directly from a search field in MS Office applications. In addition, a Windows application sample is included to demonstrate how the Kit is used and how web services can operate in Microsoft environments. The Web Service Search Kit is available free of charge for download to Mondosoft customers and partners and easily installs on top of existing MondoSearch implementations.

Quark Announces Support for QuarkXPress File Format as XML

Quark, Inc. introduced QuarkXPress Markup Language (QXML), an XML schema of the W3C Document Object Model (DOM) that will make it easier for developers to create custom XTensions software for QuarkXPress. The QXML schema fully describes the QuarkXPress file format in XML and enables QuarkXPress 6.5 XTensions software to be developed using a variety of development platforms and languages, including Java, .Net, and many scripting languages. QXML presents a QuarkXPress project as an XML tree and any modifications to the XML files change the project in real time. With QXML, developers can dynamically access and update the content, structure and style of a QuarkXPress project using a DOM interface. XTensions modules can be more versatile because they can use a project’s complete content, including all formatting, style sheets, hyphenation, and justification specifications. Additionally, developers can run query expressions using XPath queries. The initial version of QXML allows developers to read data from a QuarkXPress project. In the next version, developers will be able to both read from and write to QuarkXPress projects. The QXML developer kit is available immediately to certified QuarkXPress XTensions developers.

Autonomy Announces Agreement With EidosMedia

Autonomy Corporation plc announced an OEM agreement with EidosMedia, who has embedded Autonomy’s technology into its knowledge management and cross media publishing environment Methode. Autonomy’s advanced pattern-recognition software adds the ability to automate and accelerate processes on structured and unstructured data to EidosMedia solutions. Automatic profiling and alerting allow the delivery of content to the right recipients without the need for any manual input. Information can be imported and retrieved from a variety of sources and in numerous different formats. Additionally, the software enables EidosMedia to provide their customers with automatic hyperlinks to relevant content from internal and external sources.,

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