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Day: September 29, 2004

Datawatch|Researcher Delivers Consolidated Document & Data Views

Datawatch Corporation released Datawatch|Researcher, for collaborative, documented research of enterprise content and metadata to support compliance, auditing, accounting and billing processes. Datawatch acquired the Researcher technology with its purchase of Mergence Technologies Corporation. Datawatch|Researcher searches inter-related data, documents, and communications scattered over multiple repositories, then merges and analyzes the results into comprehensive actionable case records. Combined with Datawatch|ES, Datawatch’s report management and mining solution, this allows customers to unite enterprise information and support decision-making and reporting for compliance initiatives. Datawatch|Researcher is available now from Datawatch and its partners. Enterprise subscription pricing starts at $2,395 per month for a Datawatch|Researcher license that supports up to five users. Datawatch|Researcher runs on Microsoft Windows 2000 SP4, Windows XP SP1 or Windows 2003 Server, and .NET Framework V1.1+.

Northern Light Releases New Version of its Business Research Engine

Northern Light announced that it has released a new version of its business search engine and that the new version is available to individual users in addition to enterprises. Business professionals can use the Business Research Engine to search: 20 million web pages from 16,000 editorially-selected websites of public companies, private companies, trade journal and trade associations, venture funded companies, venture capital companies, corporate law firms, MBA programs, and the agencies of the Federal Government that regulate business; industry commentary and analysis from 5 million articles from 1,400 trade journals with the full-text and all the graphics, charts, and tables from the articles; and current news with over 7,000 stories per day from over 70 licensed newswires with the full-text index updated every two minutes. All content in the search database is classified to over 40 industries so users can drill down into the information most relevant to their jobs. A new feature in the Business Research Engine is customizable Search Alerts that allow users to save any search and be updated daily whenever the news, journals, or Web content has new material that matches their interests. Additionally, users can customize the Business Research Engine by adding websites that they frequently review for industry information to the database for full-text searching. Individuals can subscribe to the Northern Light Business Research Engine for $50 per month for unlimited searching, document downloads, and Search Alerts. For enterprises, there is a 5-seat small office license for $2,500 per year. Unlimited enterprise-wide licenses are available for $36,000 per year. Free 30-day trials are available.,

Astoria & Innodata Isogen to Deliver Content Management and Publishing to Aerospace and Defense

Astoria and Innodata Isogen, Inc. announced a preferred partnership to deliver authoring, content management and publishing solutions to select industries, beginning with Aerospace and Defense. The agreement is an offering to technical publishing and project documentation groups in aerospace and other industries. Technical publishers at the contractor level and military end-users will be able to author, manage, update and publish documentation in a flexible framework that accommodates current Mil-Spec requirements and manages legacy formats.,

Mediasurface Updates Enterprise Content Management System

Mediasurface has unveiled the latest version of its Enterprise Content Management system. Mediasurface 5.1 contains features designed to improve the way businesses manage and control their websites; it gives non-technical users more power to produce the websites their businesses require and the IT department facilities to run a web application. Morello, Mediasurface’s Smart Client application, has been enhanced to facilitate better collaboration, off-line working and has a more intuitive look and feel, with visual workflow, drag and drop, copy and paste and undo functionality. The workgroup collaboration features of Mediasurface 5.1 follow the principles of standard instant messaging services, but are enhanced to bring teams working on web projects closer together. As well as the ability to send and receive messages in real-time, Mediasurface 5.1 allows pages, links and other items to be dragged and dropped into the message pane, so that a dispersed team can simultaneously view and comment on aspects of the site they are building. Users get instant notification of workflow-related matters, such as completed work that needs their approval. Also, when a page is unavailable because another person is working on it, users can request to be automatically sent a notification when the item becomes available again.

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