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Day: August 1, 2004

GlobalSCAPE Releases CuteFTP Server

GlobalSCAPE announced the release of CuteFTP Server, a software application that allows individuals to host their own FTP servers from home. A free 30-day trial of CuteFTP Server is available immediately and it has a standard list price of $49.99 per single-user license. The professional version, SecureFTP Server, is available for businesses and has a standard list price of $349 per single-user license.

Surety Joins Documentum Alliance Program to Integrate Data Integrity with Documentum’s ECM Platform

Surety, LLC announced a partnership with Documentum that will enable companies to protect their intellectual property, defend evidence in court and comply with regulatory mandates by validating their electronic records. The combined solution will enable customers, third-party auditors and government regulators to prove the date and time and content integrity of any object created in the Documentum Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platform independent of an organization’s internal system controls. As part of the partnership, Surety will build an integration of its AbsoluteProof data integrity solution with the Documentum ECM platform, and will make the combined solution available to companies in the pharmaceutical, legal, and government markets.,

Interwoven, Kofax, & BCS to Offer Integrated Capture and Collaborative Document Management

Interwoven, Inc., Kofax, and BCS Systems announced the companies have teamed to offer an enterprise information capture and collaborative document management solution. BCS Advanced Capture integrates Kofax Ascent Capture, Interwoven’s content management capabilities, and any enterprise business application to maximize access to important documents within the business context. It also provides visibility of information subject to regulatory compliance initiatives. With BCS Advanced Capture, Interwoven users are provided with the ability to capture documents and contextual metadata, apply web navigation elements and place the documents in the ECM repository. Advanced Capture also works with many multi function centers to provide distributed transaction capture across the enterprise. Upon arrival to the Interwoven repository, documents can be assigned to pre-defined workflows and routed to appropriate business processes. Ascent is a modular application that can be used right out-of-the-box to meet the needs of a specific department, or expanded to meet the complex needs of a high-volume enterprise. Ascent can extend the basic application to handle complex forms processing tasks, as well as information capture directly from remote offices. HostConnect integrates ERP, CRM, line of business and mainframe applications with Interwoven WorkSite MP. Additionally, Object Bundler provides clients with a regulatory compliance application that can provide a virtual electronic snapshot of business documents.,,

Verity Releases TeleForm 9.0

Verity Inc. announced the availability of Verity TeleForm release 9.0, the latest version of the company’s high volume content capture solution. Verity TeleForm is a software solution that replaces manual data entry with paper-to-digital processing. This is the first TeleForm release under the Verity corporate banner since the company completed its acquisition of Cardiff Software. The new enhancements are: Microsoft SQL-Verity TeleForm integration; Support of Microsoft VBA to facilitate customization of application-specific business rules; Security enhancements that include expanded Microsoft LDAP support, password-protected PDF file exports, and strengthened protection for file transfers; Simplified troubleshooting and support through TeleForm’s modules for Reader and AutoMerge Publisher that can now be handled as Windows services; and Improved recognition and throughput from higher performing RecoFlex multi-engine recognition technology. TeleForm is available in three product families, TeleForm Desktop, TeleForm for Workgroup, and TeleForm Enterprise.

Atomz Announces Major Upgrade to Atomz Commerce

Atomz announced the second major upgrade this year to its Atomz Commerce solution. Atomz Commerce integrates search, promotion, e-marketing and content management capabilities to create a Guided Commerce experience for customers. Managed Relevance is the foundation of the merchandising platform and provides fine-grained control over page query relevancy based on user-controlled interfaces and algorithms. This affords retailers enhanced control over the delivery of search results enabling them to present products in order of importance. Merchandising Controls allow direct control over relevancy information based on any type of metadata, such as inventory, margin, SKU, brand, price, and ratings. Merchandisers are given the flexibility to immediately adjust site rankings and relevancy to drive product sales. Large Capacity Search offers capacity to handle millions of SKUs while providing interruptible crawling and indexing. Guided Commerce Query Management generates relevant results based on broad search terms to help visitors find the products they are looking for. Automated Metadata Creation looks at a Web page and automatically generates metadata to create a multi-faceted search. Relational Metadata Queries allows sophisticated queries to be performed on product metadata based on specific attribute information.

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