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Ontopia & Retrieval Systems Announce Partnership for KM Solutions

Ontopia, creator of the Ontopia Knowledge Suite (OKS), the topic map-based information integration technology, and Retrieval Systems Corporation (RSC), a US provider of information systems engineering services in content management and electronic publishing, have announced a partnership to address the requirements of knowledge management solutions for government and legal publishing applications. Through the partnership agreement, Retrieval Systems Corporation can use the OKS to offer customers a solution to their requirements for “seamless knowledge”. RSC’s initial focus is to develop an aggregated view across the indexes of a range of legal publications using the flexible, but rigorous topic maps data model.,

Day & Acquity Expand Partnership

Day Software and Acquity Group announced an expanded partnership to assess a company’s content management needs and deliver the an enterprise content management solution. Acquity Group has been named a premier partner of Day’s. The two companies will jointly market and sell needs assessment and enterprise content management to their customers.,

Plumtree Launches Executive Dashboard Solution

Plumtree Software released a new services solution for building executive dashboards via the Plumtree Enterprise Web Suite. The services offering, called the Plumtree Executive Dashboard Solution, combines new integration products with a deployment methodology designed to deliver a dashboard application rapidly and at low cost. The typical application combines performance metrics with enterprise search, online collaboration and knowledge management, to give executives a way to respond to events as they emerge across the business. As part of the announcement, Plumtree is organizing its services group to support the development of service-oriented applications at customer sites, and forming a new dashboard solutions team. To support the offering, the dashboard solutions team has developed a new set of dashboard indicator portlets, which are designed to provide executive-level integration of data from many systems. The services offering is available for the Plumtree Corporate Portal 4.5, 4.5WS and 5.0.

Mobius Acquires E-mail Archiving & Records Management Technology from eManage

Mobius Management Systems, Inc. announced that it has acquired technology and certain other assets of privately-held eManage Inc. of Ottawa, Ontario. eManage develops software solutions for e-mail archiving, records management and lifecycle management that enable organizations to manage corporate records at an enterprise level. The eManage software suite includes a records management facility for Microsoft’s SharePoint Portal Server. eManage technology will be integrated with the Mobius ViewDirect TCM suite to deliver a comprehensive enterprise content management solution that also meets e-mail and records management requirements. eManage software dovetails with the ViewDirect TCM suite, providing the ability to capture and archive, as indexed records, all e-mail messages entering and leaving the organization, as well as messages between users on an individual server and across multiple e-mail servers. The software provides built-in records management features such as automated destruction schedules; flexible rules that are easily administered and easily changed as regulatory rules are modified; and retrieval based on categorization and/or full-text search of archived e-mails and attachments.

Ektron Enhances eWebEditPro+XML

Ektron Inc. introduced enhancements to its browser-based authoring tool, eWebEditPro+XML. eWebEditPro+XML Version 4.1 enhanced features include new data field types, mathematic functions and advanced validation options for designing “smart” forms for XML. Version 4.1’s new data field types, math functionality, and enhanced real-time validation capabilities allow organizations to create XML with higher levels of integrity and consistency for data and business processes. The XML editor can now, at the form creators choice, prevent data from being submitted and saved if validation requirements are not met. Users are notified (via a customizable dialog box) if any information they are trying to submit is not valid. The validation capabilities ensure the accuracy and consistency of data and documents. WebEditPro+XML’s “data design” mode offers a graphical, drag-and-drop method to create XML forms that can be deployed to internal business users on a Web site or intranet.

Workshare Releases Workshare Version 3.5

Workshare announced the availability of Workshare 3, version 3.5. This major new release allows Microsoft Word authors to interactively view and incorporate changes from many people, audit those changes in various built-in reports, prevent document corruption and integrate with major document management systems — all without requiring document reviewers to have Workshare 3. New features include: metatadata security, easy email retrieval, reporting of all proposed changes made to a document, easily-configurable distribution lists for sensitive business documents, and architectural enhancements for Document Management Systems.

Venetica Partners with IBM to Deliver Integration Solution for Structured & Unstructured Information

Venetica announced a marketing and technology partnership with IBM that enables customers to access and work with a broad range of structured and unstructured information through a single SQL-based query. Under the partnership, customers will be able to extend the reach of business applications that utilize IBM DB2 Information Integrator to leverage content from more than 20 common content repositories supported by VeniceBridge, Venetica’s ECI platform. The combination of Venetica and IBM technology allows customers to access and work with all enterprise information, spanning customer information, financials, transactions and other structured data typically stored in databases, as well as documents, images, reports, email, rich media and other unstructured information typically stored in content management systems. The VeniceBridge Wrapper for IBM DB2 Information Integrator enables structured access, via SQL, to VeniceBridge unstructured content sources through DB2 Information Integrator. The VeniceBridge Wrapper for IBM DB2 Information Integrator is available immediately from Venetica.

Stellent Announces Content Integration Suite Version 7 & JSR 168-Compliant Portlets

Stellent, Inc. announced the release of Version 7 of the Stellent Content Integration Suite. With Version 7, developers can now embed Content Integration Suite directly into Java applications in order to provide integration with Stellent Universal Content Management. In either environment, the suite provides applications with real-time access to content and content management features. Stellent Content Integration Suite uses a Java Connector Architecture and Java Message Service functionality when run in a J2EE environment. This approach enables developers using J2EE-compliant systems to integrate Stellent Universal Content Management with enterprise applications ERP and customer CRM systems. In this environment, Stellent Content Integration Suite offers instant access to content and leverages application server benefits, such as asynchronous messaging, connection pooling and clustering. Stellent Content Integration Suite is priced at $30,000 USD. Stellent also announced Content Portlet Suite, which works in conjunction with version 7 of Stellent’s Content Integration Suite. Content Portlet Suite is available today and priced at $5,000 per platform.

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