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Day: March 7, 2004 (Page 1 of 2)

Pound Hill Announces Filemaker Asset Management Plug-in, AppleScript & PHP Extensions for XMP

Pound Hill Software announced the availability of three new tools for using metadata to automate workflows and creating digital asset management systems. The new tools support AppleScript, Filemaker, and PHP. Each incorporates Adobe’s XMP toolkit and scanning technology. Metadata created in Adobe applications or custom Catalyst-defined metadata from Adobe applications or QuarkXPress can be read and piped into external databases such as Filemaker or used to trigger actions in an automated network workflow with AppleScript or PHP. The Filemaker plug-in provides the technology to turn any Filemaker Pro 6 or 7 database into a digital asset management system. Since the Filemaker XMP plug-in also incorporates XMP Toolkit and scanning technology, standard and custom metadata can be read and used in new or existing Filemaker database records. Each of the plug-in kits costs USD$350 per server (Filemaker) or machine (development use) and is available now.

Convera Announces Taxonomy Workbench & Five New Industry Taxonomies

Convera announced Taxonomy Workbench, a complete set of tools for organizing large amounts of disparate data. Taxonomy Workbench is designed for use by information managers, librarians, and subject matter experts. The Workbench helps create an easily searched organizational structure for each organization’s own specific online public information. To leverage data organization models that are already in place, users can integrate and modify existing taxonomies or thesauri. Automated import, generation, combination and pruning wizards aid in accelerated taxonomy and classification development. Convera also introduced five new industry-specific taxonomies including Genetics, Finance & Business, General Enterprise, Technology and U.S. Government. The new Convera taxonomies are enhanced versions of taxonomies that contain a controlled vocabulary and classification structure developed by taxonomy builder ProQuest Information and Learning. The ProQuest framework for each industry-specific taxonomy enables precise mapping of data and an exact search of subject fields. Each taxonomy powered by ProQuest is regularly updated.,

FileNet Announces Team Collaboration Manager

FileNet Corporation unveiled its new Team Collaboration Manager solution. Additionally, FileNet announced it is partnering with Web Ex, Centra Software, Cimmetry and Web4, a division of netGuru, Inc., to offer integration and support for real-time Web conferencing. An enterprise-wide solution, Team Collaboration Manager is a web-based, out-of-the-box solution to deliver team collaboration integrated with content management and fully functional business process management (BPM) capabilities. Team Collaboration Manager is designed to provide the structure and tools, including ad-hoc tasks, discussion forums, live meetings, and interactive polls, to enable group members to share information, participate in structured and unstructured processes and handle exceptions to these processes across geographic or functional areas. Team Collaboration Manager features a scalable and integrated architecture and common content repository. This enables the full range of both structured and unstructured project content to be repurposed throughout the enterprise, and enables project activities to be integrated with other enterprise-wide business processes to extend the value of collaboration. FileNet Team Collaboration Manager can be deployed at the application or service level. Customers are able to modify the look and feel of the application and add capabilities to meet their specific business requirements. FileNet’s Team Collaboration Manager is scheduled to ship in the third quarter of 2004.

Adobe Adds Automatic 2-D Barcodes to PDF Forms

Adobe Systems Incorporated announced a new forms processing solution that extends the Adobe Intelligent Document Platform with 2-D barcode technology. Adobe’s barcode-enabled forms solution will provide a unified environment to support both paper and electronic forms processes, and help customers eliminate the need for manual data entry while managing high-volume, paper forms processes such as tax returns, voter registration documents, account applications, and change of address requests. The Adobe solution will enable organizations to create Adobe PDF forms that include 2-D barcodes, technology that captures significantly more information than a traditional, one-dimensional barcode. Once distributed to customers or constituents via the Web, email or CD-ROM, the forms can be completed on- or off-line using Adobe Reader. As end users complete form fields, the 2-D barcode dynamically encodes the data in a format specified by the form author. Once completed and printed by the user, forms can be submitted by mail or fax. Upon receipt, organizations simply scan the barcode to capture the form data and deliver it to a back-end system for processing. The barcode-enabled forms solution will be piloted during 2004 and available by the end of the current calendar year through Adobe’s server product line. Pricing will be announced with availability in the second half of 2004.

Interwoven Announces Availability of MediaBin Asset Server 4.0

Interwoven, Inc. announced the availability of Interwoven MediaBin Asset Server 4.0. MediaBin 4.0 is the cornerstone of Interwoven’s Marketing Content Management Solution, also announced, providing a foundation for solutions that manage the marketing content supply chain between enterprises and their internal and external sales channels. The new version connects multiple servers, both inside and outside of the organization, to help manage all marketing content locally, while providing centralized, global access for employees and business partners to ensure that brand-related digital content is always properly formatted and up-to-date throughout the marketing content supply chain. Features in MediaBin Asset Server 4.0 include Syndication Manager, a Mac OS X Client, metadata enhancements, and MetaTagger Content Intelligence Server Integration. Interwoven MediaBin Asset Server 4.0 can be purchased from Interwoven today.

Ektron Releases CMS300 Version 4.1

Ektron Inc. announced the latest version of the company’s content management solution, CMS300. Ektron CMS300 Version 4.1 now includes support for membership groups, administrators and users can create, assign and monitor content management tasks on a Web site or intranet, a “smart desktop dashboard”, highlighted search, Out-of-the-box intranet, IXIASOFT TEXTML integration, and threaded comments.

Documentum Teams with Thunderhead to Deliver Solution for Dynamic Content Publishing

Documentum announced a strategic alliance with Thunderhead, Ltd., a provider of technology for rules-driven document assembly and multi-channel publishing. Documentum will integrate Thunderhead with its ECM platform and deliver a solution that will enable organizations to automate and accelerate the creation, assembly and delivery of vast quantities of personalized documents across multiple channels such as email, web, PDAs and print. This solution is designed for highly regulated industries such as investment and retail banking, insurance and other financial services, which rely on high-volume, document-intensive processes as the foundation of their core business. The solution leverages business rules to guide the assembly of finished documents from components that may include regulated content, personalized text, graphics and data. Built on J2EE and XML, the solution allows non-technical business users to remain in control of the document generation and publishing processes.,

Vasont Systems Unveils Vasont Universal Integrator

Vasont Systems announced the availability of the Vasont Universal Integrator (VUI) as a software extension of Vasont, a content management system that enables organizations to store their multilingual content once for delivery to print, PDF, CD-ROM and Web formats. The VUI streamlines the writing and editing process by providing a simple editorial interface so that authors and editors can access the Vasont content management system’s functionality from the toolbar menu of their favorite XML editing tools. The VUI eliminates the need for users to toggle back-and-forth between applications; instead, they can work within their editorial tools while accessing, editing, and updating their content in Vasont.

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