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Day: November 9, 2003 (Page 1 of 2)

Glemser & Arbortext to Offer Software and Services to Life Sciences

Glemser and Arbortext agreed to partner to offer software and services to the life sciences industry. The combination of Glemser’s information technology services and Arbortext’s XML-based authoring and automated publishing software enables pharmaceutical manufacturers to build a single source of information that can be automatically assembled and published. Using a product-labeling scenario as an example, adverse event information can be written once and reused across multiple documents to represent various product strengths, dosage forms and presentations – ultimately reducing the time required to create, update, translate and review product information.,

Liquid Machines Partners with Documentum

Liquid Machines, Inc. announced a technology partnership agreement with Documentum. As a member of the Documentum Alliance Program, Liquid Machines has integrated its solution with Documentum 5 and Documentum eRoom. The integration enables customers to extend Documentum’s access control and audit capabilities to corporate data that travels outside the Documentum environment. Liquid Machines collaborative control capabilities allow customers to validate compliance with corporate and industry policies, and persistently protect business-critical information. Liquid Machines’ policies control the access to and usage of information through a combination of rights management, encryption, key and identity management, and real-time monitoring technology. Liquid Machines for Documentum eRoom is available today; support for the Documentum ECM platform will be available in Q1 2004. Pricing is subscription-based and starts at $25,000 (based on the number of named users). Volume discounts are available.

Plumtree, Documentum, BEA & Sun to Create Open-Source Site for JSR 168 and WSRP Portlets

Plumtree Software, Documentum, BEA Systems Inc. and Sun Microsystems, Inc. announced an open-source site for organizations to share portlets developed according to the new JCP JSR 168 and WSRP OASIS standards. The site is hosted by SourceForge, an independent organization that hosts a variety of Java technology and Linux open-source initiatives. Plumtree, Documentum, BEA and Sun will provide an initial library of standards-based portlets, and will provide ongoing feedback, suggestions and best practices for successful JSR 168 and WSRP portlet development. The site is open to all organizations, including customers and partners of competing portal software providers such as IBM, Vignette and SAP. The site, known as the Portlet Open-Source Trading site, or POST, will help companies learn from their industry peers and share best practices for developing standards-based portlets. Separate areas within POST exist for sharing JSR 168 and WSRP components. As with any open-source site on, any registered organization can contribute portlets to POST, which become available to all other members of the open-source community. Thus, organizations that submit portlets to the site benefit from enhancements to their portlets developed by other POST members. To register as a member of POST, developers can visit,,,,,

iManage Offers CAD Integration for WorkSite MP Suite

iManage, Inc. announced the release of CADLink for iManage WorkSite MP, a solution that integrates computer-aided design (CAD) applications into the iManage platform. Designed to help engineers leverage content management functionality from within their native CAD environment, CADLink for iManage WorkSite MP is being introduced under an OEM agreement between iManage and McLaren Software, a developer of content-based enterprise applications for companies in the process manufacturing, utilities and engineering, design and construction sectors. The introduction of CADLink for iManage WorkSite MP will combine iManage’s collaboration content management solution with the CAD capabilities of products like Autodesk AutoCAD and Bentley MicroStation. CAD drawings and the intricate network of references between the CAD files typical of complex designs, are all stored, accessed and controlled through iManage Worksite MP. Engineers using the solution can access drawings directly from the iManage repository through the familiar menus of their CAD applications. CADLink for iManage WorkSite MP is currently available; it will support AutoCAD 2000, 2000i, 2002, 2004 and MicroStation 8 and 8.1; and will be compatible with Windows 2000, 2002 and Solaris 8.,

Adobe Acquires XML vendor Yellow Dragon Software

Adobe Systems Incorporated announced that it has acquired the technology assets of Yellow Dragon Software, a developer of XML messaging and metadata management software. The acquisition will deliver technology for Adobe’s XML architecture which enables businesses and governments to combine XML and Portable Document Format (PDF). Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Yellow Dragon provides a commercial, off-the-shelf ebXML (Electronic Business eXtensible Markup Language) solution using an XML registry, as well as a messaging product, for delivering XML messages between servers. By enabling native support for ebXML transactions within the Adobe Intelligent Document Platform and PDF, Adobe is making it faster and easier for organizations to automate their external business processes. Adobe plans to integrate this technology into its server products next year. ebXML is an XML specification that provides a standard method to exchange business messages, conduct trading relationships, communicate data in common terms, and define and register business processes. Adobe believes this acquisition will not have a material financial impact on the company.,

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