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Day: September 14, 2003

Entrieva & Northern Light Partner

Entrieva, Inc. and Northern Light Group LLC announced the signing of a marketing and technical co-operation agreement. Under the terms of the agreement, the companies will integrate the Northern Light Enterprise Search Engine with Entrieva’s Semio classification engine so that a customer of either would have the option of using the other component seamlessly. The companies further agreed to work on joint sales and marketing opportunities together.,

Arbortext Partners with Data Conversion Laboratory

Arbortext, Inc. announced a new partnership where Arbortext will offer data conversion services from Data Conversion Laboratory (DCL). Including DCL data conversion services with Arbortext applications gives organizations access to more comprehensive solutions as they build and implement XML-based publishing applications.,

Xythos Supports Oracle Application Server 10g

Xythos Software announced that its WebFile Client will support Oracle Application Server 10g, a middleware offering that simplifies the management of applications running in a grid computing environment. Together, the products help simplify the process of publishing and managing any type of content by leveraging WebDAV and exposing the portal content management features of Oracle Application Server 10g directly within the Windows Explorer desktop environment. Users can edit and publish content and associated metadata, version files, and set access controls directly from their preferred desktop applications, helping to simplify the publishing process. In addition, the WebFile Client also introduces offline file synchronization. The WebFile Client for Oracle Application Server 10g is expected to be commercially available beginning in October 2003.

Percussion Chooses Oracle Application Server 10g as Strategic Platform

Percussion Software announced that it has chosen Oracle Application Server 10g as a strategic platform for its Rhythmyx 5 ECM system. The combination of Rhythmyx 5 and Oracle Application Server 10g will addresses enterprises’ need for flexible content management solutions that facilitate content reuse across multiple delivery channels, including Web sites, enterprise portals and mission-critical Internet and other enterprise applications.

NextPage Launches NXT 4

NextPage Inc. announced the launch of NXT 4, a publishing suite for publishers and corporations to secure and deliver information on the Internet, to corporate intranets and on CD/DVD. New NXT 4 is designed for commercial publishers that provide content on the Web or through other electronic media, and for publishers of corporate reference libraries that deliver information critical for decision making to employees and clients. New license management features in NXT 4 allow publishers to apply secure license rights to content delivered on CD and to corporate intranets. Corporations that need to deliver business-critical information to end users, such as auditors, insurance underwriters or other frontline service professionals, can use NXT 4 to reduce risk of noncompliance with features such as a user interface designed for researchers, incremental updates and content networking with other offices and commercial publishers. Corporations can use NXT 4 in applications such as auditor’s reference libraries, help desk knowledgebases and electronic policy and procedure manuals. NXT 4 is scheduled to ship Sept. 30, 2003.

Vignette to Acquire Intraspect

Vignette Corp. announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire privately held Intraspect Software, Inc., a provider of enterprise collaboration solutions. Under the terms of the agreement, Vignette will pay $20 million, comprised of $10 million in cash and approximately 4.2 million shares of Vignette stock, for Intraspect. The transaction is subject to approval from the Intraspect stockholders and customary closing conditions. The Intraspect product line includes Java-based collaboration functionality and a complete collaborative applications framework so users can customize the user interface and collaboration services flow. Services provided by the core Intraspect platform include indexing and search, security, communications, data management and subscription notification. In addition to the core Intraspect 5 platform, Intraspect offers several packaged horizontal and vertical solutions that help customers solve more complex collaborative business process needs. As part of Vignette, the Intraspect 5 platform will continue to be sold, supported and enhanced as well as offered in an integrated suite. Vignette also will integrate Intraspect technology with its content management and portal solutions.

FileNet Introduces Content Integration Interface to BEA WebLogic Portal

FileNet Corporation announced a joint solution with BEA Systems Inc. known as the FileNet Content SPI Integration for BEA. With this service provider interface (SPI), users of BEA WebLogic Portal 8.1 can leverage FileNet’s content management capabilities in developing dynamic and personalized Web applications. In addition, the integration leverages the upcoming JSR 170 specification, which simplifies integration with other portals in the future. The SPI is designed to provide integration without the need to replicate data between the BEA WebLogic Portal content repository and FileNet content repository. Consequently, as content is changed within FileNet, the change will be immediately reflected within the portal environment via the SPI.

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