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Day: September 7, 2003

IXIASOFT & Ingeniux Partner

IXIASOFT and Ingeniux announced a new technology partnership to integrate TEXTML Server with Ingeniux Content Management System (CMS). Combining these two XML technologies will provide customers with a comprehensive XML-based Web content management solution. IXIASOFT’s TEXTML Server is an XML content server designed for software developers who require advanced storing, indexing, and searching capabilities for their applications. Ingeniux CMS provides a complete Web content management and publishing system for developing, managing and deploying Web content throughout the enterprise. Ingeniux CMS empowers non-technical users to contribute to and manage the Web publishing process. Adding TEXTML Server, a native XML repository, to Ingeniux Content Management System will extend its functionality by providing users with advanced searching and publishing capabilities. The joint product offering is aimed at organizations who wish to take full advantage of a pure XML architecture. As part of this technology partnership, IXIASOFT and Ingeniux will collaborate on and coordinate sales and marketing efforts.,

Gilbane Report to Administer Industry Initiative to Promote & Disseminate Content Technology Best Practices

The Gilbane Report announced that it has agreed to administer an industry initiative to be known as The Gilbane Content Technology Works Program. Under the auspices of this program, best practices and success stories will be documented, assessed and published. Founding partners represent leaders from every segment of the content technology marketplace including enterprise infrastructure, content management, portal, XML databases, search and categorization, digital asset management and content integration. Gilbane Content Technology Works founding partners include Software AG, Sun Microsystems, Artesia Technologies, Atomz, Context Media, Convera, Vignette, and WebWare. Material will be developed in collaboration with enterprises able to share their experiences and will be written in “the enterprise’s voice.” Final editorial review and the essential components of these works will be established by the enterprises whose stories we relate. In order to develop this valuable information at no cost to the consumer, leading content technology vendors have been invited to subsidize the expense of developing and distributing content technology best practices. Vendor partners do not determine which enterprises we collaborate with and will be subsidizing success stories that do not include their technology. The first collection of success stories and best practices will be rolled out through all of our channels during the 4th quarter of 2003.

Ipedo Announces New Multi-Source Enterprise Information Integration (EII) Capabilities

Ipedo announced their software platform now handles concurrent assimilation of complex information sets from Oracle 9i, DB2, MySQL, SQL Server and Web Services. The information integration was done using Ipedo’s XML-based views and query technologies. With this new capability, Ipedo allows enterprises to create custom information views on demand. The XML-driven EII capabilities of the Ipedo XML Information Hub go beyond integration and allow custom assembly and persistence of information, in the variety of industry standard formats. The testing was done using the Ipedo XML Information Hub 3.3 with Oracle 9iR2, DB2 Universal Database v3.1, MySQL Pro v4.0, SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition, and a public Web Service from Google. Information was integrated using XQuery to quickly aggregate real-time business information across multiple sources, leveraging Ipedo’s XML Views, Web Services Views, Content Conversion and Universal XQuery Engine capabilities.

Atomz Announces Enhancements to Software Suite

Atomz announced that it has added a series of new features and functionality to its Web-native software. Nearly a dozen new enhancements work together to improve the ease-of-use, security, customization and reliability of its suite of products. Context menus of the content management solution’s Rich Text Editor now allow users to right-click their mouse to Undo, Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete and Select All. Administrators using Atomz Publish now have a greater ability to control the exact format of automatically generated file names. Web teams working on collaborative projects will benefit from the upgraded WebDAV support for Macromedia Dreamweaver. Search Restrictions is a new feature in Atomz Search that is useful for Web sites that wish to limit the viewing of search result content in some manner. Atomz Promote now enables multiple site search promotions to be rotated across a particular keyword or key phrase. Search Personalization has been added to Atomz Search. Atomz Promote can now be utilized in conjunction with the categorization feature of Atomz Search.

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